Women’s 8 favourite places to have sex

Women’s 8 favourite places to have sex
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To vary things up a little, how better than to make love in other places than in bed at home? Here are the 8 locations preferred by women for having sex, according to dating website Meetic!

A hotel

A hotel has all the comfort of home, but as it’s an unfamiliar place, it helps re-awaken deep desires and lead to unforgettable nights of pleasure! Furthermore, the ambiance is often calmer and more romantic than at home, and is ideal for relaxing and letting go….

The kitchen

No, the kitchen isn’t only for cooking, it is also a place that women find to be a turn-on, as there are tables and work surfaces at the ideal heights to be fully exploited. However, remember to remove any sharp objects and to clean the surfaces before perching your bum on them, because you just never know!

Anywhere other than your own home

From the moment you start a little foreplay anywhere outside of your own home, you will find yourself even more aroused, as the unknown is well known to lead to increased sensory desire and pleasure. You just need to choose the right place, hidden from prying eyes.

The car: a classic

On the road, if you spot a nice area that awakens your desires, make a stop (if you can). Once you are parked in a private corner where you can’t be seen, you can use the back seat or the bonnet at your leisure!

The changing rooms in a clothes shop

When you try on clothes in the changing rooms of a shop, we defy you to admit that you never thought of asking your other half, on the other side of the curtain, to join you inside…. We know your excuse only too well –“Could you help me zip up my dress, honey?”

At the office

When the cat’s away, the mice will play…. The office is empty, your colleagues are all on holidays, and you find yourself working alone, and you have the meeting room to yourself. Having fantasised about it for so long, you know exactly who to call….

In the outdoors

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At the beach, at a lake, in a forest, in a wheat field, in the mountains…. There is no shortage of romantic landscapes to boost your carnal desire for your other half. When you are sharing such moments with him or her, make the most of them!

In a lift

Finding yourself stuck in a lift with a handsome stranger, and in less than 10 seconds ending up wrapped around one another in torrid passion, like in the films, appears to be one of the most common female fantasies.


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