Wine and sex: a good combination in the bedroom

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Wine and sex: a good combination in the bedroom
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A glass of wine and your sex will be more intense. More than just a myth, this seems to be a proven theory.  At least this is what the doctor Fabrizio Bucella has suggested on  So get yourself comfortable as we talk about how sex and wine are the perfect combination! 

What effect does wine have on us?

Be careful wine is an alcohol!   We know that it can be easy to get carried away sometimes but remember “Alcohol is dangerous for your health and should be consumed in moderation.”

Just like all alcohol, wine is made of ethanol and as Doctor F. Bucella points out the effects of ethanol on humans is not very well understood.  All the same we know that alcohol lowers our inhibitions.  This happens because the alcohol attaches itself to the GABA receptors in our brain.  This can then reduce our attention, vigilance and can change our mood and emotional behaviour. 
What’s more, ethanol has an effect on our feeling of happiness.  When we drink we believe that we feel good and fulfilled.  However this is one of the main reasons why drinking alcohol can become an addiction.


Wine and erections

Red wine contains polyphenols which are antioxidants very common in plants that are known for their positive effects on blood circulation.  These molecules are particularly good at supplying blood to the penis.  If the penis is pumped full of blood then there is an erection.
These polyphenols are commonly found in red wines like pinot noir.  However you can also find them in fruit like grapes, pears, cherries and citrus fruit. 

Wine and sexuality for women

Gentlemen you are not the only ones to benefit from the lustful advantages of wine.  A study has shown that women who regularly drink two glasses of wine per day – yes we know that is quite a lot – are very satisfied by their sex life.  This is either because they are more stimulated or have better orgasms.
Drinking alcohol can affect women’s level of desire during sexual relations and lubrication.


Wine not the only answer

We’re not trying to suggest that you should drown yourself in alcohol so that you are gifted in bed.  The most important thing is for both partners to savour this moment together with or without wine.  Wine is not necessarily a remedy for erection difficulties either however it can help blood circulation to the penis.

Take care or yourself and if you fancy a small glass of pinot noir, cheers! 

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