Why you should stop wearing pants at night

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Why you should stop wearing pants at night
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Irritations, fungal infections, cystitis… The list of infections that your pants can give you is long. According to professionals wearing pants at night under your pyjamas could lead to number of heath risks.

Whether you wear bloomers or a lacy thong, the dangers of wearing pants at night are numerous.  Recently, experts have warned how nightly ritual which is common among women, could have a harmful effect on our intimate parts.

What are the risks of wearing pants at night?

Repeated irritation

Wearing underwear can cause repeated irritations if the material is constantly rubbing against the genital area. It can also lead to uncomfortable, itchy or burning sensations in you intimate area.

Fungal infections

Regularly wearing underwear at night also produces the spread of bacteria. Get rid of pants made from synthetic fabric as they retain moisture and increase the risk of developing micro-organisms such as fungi.
During the day it is better to choose pants made from organic cotton.  However wearing pants at night creates dryness around the vagina area as underwear absorbs all the moisture that the vagina produces.

Urinary infections

If you are prone to cystitis, you should change your habits quickly. Pants help transfer germs that come from the intestine, via the anus or bladder, to the vulva and can, therefore, cause urinary tract infections. These recommendations apply to all women, even those who have rarely experienced vaginal discomfort. The risk of developing urinary tract infections can occur at any time.

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And what about men?

Men should also forget about wearing their boxers in bed. However these reasons are different to women.  A recent study carried out by researchers from Stanford University, USA and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development show that this nightly ritual could affect fertility.

For one year, researchers evaluated 500 men analysing the quality of their sperm.  The men who wore loose-fitted boxers and those who slept naked had healthier sperm than those who wore tight boxers day and night.  Researchers showed that men who slept fully dressed had 25% more DNA lesions which affected their viability and could even lead to a risk of having a premature future baby.

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