Why you should stop washing your hair (so often)

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Why you should stop washing your hair (so often)
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Shampoo can damage your hair. If you are using industrial shampoos, their detergent action strips the hair of its natural protective oils. The result: our body produces even more sebum to defend itself. 

The majority of shampoos use ingredients (often chemical ones) that are also present in washing up liquid. To keep your hair soft and beautiful, change your ways, and wash your hair less often. Read on to find out the advantages….

You will be less exposed to chemical products

By washing your hair less often, you automatically reduce your exposure to sodium lauryl sulphate, or SLS, an aggressive cleaning compound that is found in many shampoos, which helps form the lather.

If you want to put a complete stop to exposure to chemical products, use organic soaps, or better again, make your own natural home made shampoo, for which we have previously given you a few recipes.

Your hair will be healthier and more beautiful

The scalp produces a natural oil called “sebum”, which helps keep your hair soft, manageable and hydrated.

You can can invest in a boar bristle brush, which is very gentle (compared to a brush made from synthetic bristles). This type of brush can also help the sebum to penetrate the hair right down to the tips, which will make it even shinier.

Your colour will hold for longer

Dyed hair or hair that has had highlights or a balayage is more sensitive and breakable. Professionals recommend washing coloured hair a maximum of three times a week, using a gentle shampoo.

You will save time in the mornings

One of the biggest advantages of washing your hair less often is that you waste less time in the morning, washing, drying and styling it. We estimate that these three tasks take an average of 40 minutes every morning. When you put it all together, this amounts to a saving of three hours a week.

A few recommendations for washing your hair less often

  • Wash your hair every second day: begin by alternating your shampoos. If you use conditioner, apply it only to the dry tips of your hair (and not all over your hair, as this only makes it heavy).
  • Use dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash your hair: it is highly effective for absorbing excess sebum and for keeping your hair feeling light.
  • Do regular scalp massages so as to promote the production of sebum.

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