Why do women feel the cold more than men?

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Why do women feel the cold more than men?
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In Winter or even all year round, has your sweetheart the tendency to cuddle up to you to put her freezing cold hands on your warm skin at every available opportunity? So is it “a girl thing” to glue your freezing hands and feet to your partner’s skin? Finally we have the answer! 

Our skin cells analyse the sensations of hot and cold between the forehead, the warmest part of the body, and the fingers, the coldest parts. Thus, the skin, among other factors, regulates our internal body temperature. When temperatures drop, the blood vessels contract and help maintain body heat.

But there are a few biological differences between men and women in this respect, which explains why women are more sensitive to the cold than men.

First of all, men generally have a greater muscle mass than women, which allows them to maintain a higher body temperature than women, even without having to move!

The second difference resides in our hormones, which fluctuate more intensely in women. The feminine hormone oestrogen tends to cause increased contraction of the blood vessels. The blood flow towards the skin is thus more limited in women than in men, which means it takes women longer to heat up. 

When temperatures drop, women’s bodies mainly keep the heat around their vital and reproductive organs, in order to best protect the foetus in the case of pregnancy or to reduce period pains. Gentlemen, now you know why, and you know that you have good reasons to help your other half heat up!


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