Why are men obsessed by breasts?

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Why are men obsessed by breasts?
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Some men might consider a woman with large breasts to be more fertile, and therefore more likely to feed a newborn child, than a lady with small breasts.  However a study released by psychologist Larry Young provides a different explanation for men’s fascination with breasts. According to him, men are obsessed by their partners breasts as they can regress to their early childhood.

Larry Young, a specialist in studies of neurologically based behavioural social complexes, states that from the moment a child starts to breast feed the baby develops a hormone called ocytocin in it’s brain.  This emotion can explain a mother’s exclusive love for their child.

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Develop a long-lasting love for breasts

From this point of view, men pamper women’s breasts so that they show them love and affection. In short, these are the signs of a lasting couple. In a sense, men’s attraction for women’s breasts have become the norm. Young men develop a specific neural network during puberty.

Ce que vous ignorez sur les seins
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Humans are the only mammals to face each other

Most mammals with teats, mate by mounting the back of the female. The male vole, for example, mates by climbing onto the female’s back, whose teats are directed downwards. No possibility to reach them during sex. Conversely, – and we are the only ones in this case – humans make love face-to-face, which makes it possible for men to pet their partner’s breasts.

Nevertheless men’s fascination of breasts are not exclusively due to the brain. It is of course a large part due to the representation of women in the media.  In fact in certain African tribes, women  go about their daily lives bare chested and their breasts don’t evoke any particular interest.  It is difficult to imagine this scenario in western culture.

Breast also play an important role in foreplay

Breasts are erogenous zones so can stimulate women during sex.  In fact, fondling breasts can actively participate in the pleasure experienced during a clitoral orgasm or vaginal penetration.

In fact, one study reports that 82% of women and 52% of men say they feel excited when their breasts or nipples are stimulated.

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