White teeth: Natural remedies to use with precaution

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White teeth: Natural remedies to use with precaution
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In comparison to the majority of whitening toothpastes and products on the market, natural remedies contain less toxic products and chemicals.  Nevertheless, natural remedies can also damage your teeth if they are used too often or used incorrectly. Find out which remedies you should be wary of. 

1) Vegetable charcoal

According to Dr Lequart, a surgical dentist and the national spokesperson for the French Dental Health Union, “powdered charcoal is very abrasive and will damage the teeth’s enamel making your teeth more porous.” However he confirmed that vegetable charcoal can help to reduce stains on your teeth.  According to an American study published in 2017 and lead by the Oral Heath Foundation, the regular use of vegetable charcoal can damage tooth enamel which can not be renewed.  Therefore your should only use this natural remedy with precaution.

2) Bicarbonate of soda

Bicarbonate of soda is primarily used to illuminate your teeth’s natural colour.  However its stripping effect can damage the tooth’s enamel irreversibly.  This is why this natural remedy is only recommended to be used occasion. Around 1 or 2 times per weeks as a maximum.

3) Sea salt

Just like vegetable charcoal and bicarbonate of soda, sea salt is abrasive and can demineralise your teeth after repeated brushing.  As tooth enamel never reproduces after it has been damaged it is better to avoid adding salt on your tooth brush.

4) Lemon and Bicarbonate mixture

Lemon is very acidic which means it can dissolve the dental plaque and prevent tartar from forming on your teeth.  However it should only be used occasionally and when mixed with water.

Nevertheless, when the abrasive qualities of bicarbonate of soda are mixed with the acidic qualities of lemon, this can damage your teeth further and leave your teeth porous.

You can use natural remedies using the ingredients above to whiten your teeth however it is important to remember to use these remedies occasionally.  Otherwise you could risk damaging your teeth which is not the effect you are looking for!


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