White Bread: 5 healthier alternatives

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White Bread: 5 healthier alternatives
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There might be many reasons why you no longer want to eat bread or perhaps you just want to reduce how much you consume.  Whether you are intolerant to gluten, you suffer from allergies or quite simply, you don’t like the taste of bread, you should know that there are many alternatives.  But what are these alternatives?  In this article we will give you five solutions so that you don’t have to eat white bread again or so you can just mix things up a bit! 

Rye bread: The best substitute for white bread

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Rye bread is a good substitute as it is lower in sugar than wheat bread!  In fact, the bread is darker, richer in fiber and has a denser crumb. Why is this important?  Well with a denser crumb you will consume less bread.

You can easily find it in bakeries, supermarkets and can be made yourself.  However rye bread is not gluten free and does contain allergens. However if you are looking for a change in wheat based bread or are just looking for a change, rye bread has a stronger flavour that could really win you over.

Flat breads

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Flatbreads and naans are not expensive and can really win you over.  Made of squash which has been made into a puree, coconut flour or any flour that you like there are plenty options. This type of bread which is made without yeast is a great replacement for tasteless white bread in the morning or for your sandwich.

Corn tortilla wraps

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Although they are similar to flat breads, corn tortillas haven’t got the same roots.  Flat breads are predominantly produced in central Asia while tortillas come from South America.

You will often find tortillas in recipes for fajitas, tacos or enchiladas.  This substitute is gluten free and especially rich in fibers and is really easy to come by.  However tortillas are not appropriate will people with corn allergies.  The texture, flavour and uses are completely different to wheat based bread.

Wholegrain breads

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Rich in protein and in good fats, wholemeal bread in denser than wheat bread.  Each of the grains gives each slice a different flavour.  You can also find gluten-free wholemeal bread in bakeries or supermarkets or you can make a loaf yourself.

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Yes, you might not have thought it but vegetables could be a solution if you are giving up bread.  You can use leafed vegetables like lettuce and kale.  Right enough, you are not going to dip your buttered slice into your coffee in the morning… however you can roll up your food or condiments in your lettuce leaves or kale.

This might involve a change in your habits but sometimes it is good to step out of your comfort zone.  You might start to enjoy this way of eating as your foods are rich in nutrients, low in calories and in sugars!



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