What size is a micropenis? And what treatments are available?

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What size is a micropenis? And what treatments are available?
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Having a small penis, or even a micropenis, is one of most men’s worst fears. This fear doesn’t always match up to reality, as actual micropenises are fairly rare. So what size is considered a micropenis? And are there treatments available?

Diagnosed from birth

From the birth of a baby boy, if the penis measures less than 1.9 cm, it is considered a micropenis, unless the size is linked to a malformation. Early identification is very important, as intervention needs to take place before puberty in order to provide effective hormone treatment.

A micropenis is linked to hormonal problems, meaning it is not hereditary.

This problem is however on the rise in babies. It is not yet medically explained, although pesticides and insecticides, etc. are under question.

From what size is a penis considered a micropenis?

The average size of an erect penis in the UK is 13 to 18 cm (5 to 7 inches).

In adulthood, a penis is considered a micropenis if it measures less than 4 cm (1.5 inches) when it is flaccid, and less than 7 cm (2 34 inches) while erect. 

A diagnosis is made based on the length of the shaft, which a doctor measures by stretching out the shaft three times, by gently pulling on the head of the penis and leaving it go again. The measurement is taken using a rigid ruler, measuring from the pubic bone on the side near the stomach. If this technique is not rigorously followed, the diagnosis is false, which is why it is important not to try and diagnose yourself, but rather go and see a health professional.

Body dysmorphic disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder is a problem linked to the erroneous mental image of one’s own physical attributes, including the size of the penis. In fact, many men are convinced that they have an abnormally small penis. This false idea can literally ruin a man’s life, and prevent him from having sexual relationships. In order to put an end to this obsession, it is important to see a health professional either to seek reassurance or to treat the problem.

What treatments are available?

There are two types of treatments available, depending on the age of the patient:

Hormonal treatment: This treatment  can only be administered if the micropenis is detected before the onset of puberty. Testosterone injections are given to increase the levels of this hormone. The treatment lasts a number of months and allows the penis to reach a normal size.

Surgical intervention: If the micropenis is detected after puberty, you may need to undergo penoplasty. There are several means of elongating the penis, which can be carried out by a urological surgeon. A penoplasty involves cutting the ligament that supports the penis. It is not very widely practiced, and it is mainly to psychologically help men who have complexes about the size of their penises, as it makes the penis more visible. It can add 2 to 4 cm to the size of a penis.

How to live with a micropenis?

Living a fulfilled life with a micropenis is absolutely possible. In fact, in the majority of cases, it does not affect the pleasure of either the man or the woman during sex. Certain kamasutra positions can also be used to facilitate mutual pleasure. Although some women may find it difficult to climax with a small penis, be aware that around 80% of women are more sensitive to clitoral orgasms.

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