What is the best exercise to keep physically and mentally healthy?

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What is the best exercise to keep physically and mentally healthy?
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Doctor Ilene Ruhoy, a certified neurologist heads the Curative Neurology Centre in Seattle, USA.  She uses predominantly natural medicine to treat her patients. She has screened the effects of several physical activities on the body and concluded that one type of sport in particular is apparently the best for staying physically and mentally healthy…

Zumba:  The best sport for a healthy mind and spirit

The neurologist classified the activities depending on their impact on the participants anxiety.  According to the results, sporty dances which are based on Latin music (reggaeton, salsa, bachata, zumba etc) are the best type of physical activity for your brain and for your body.  The doctor states in an essay on Mindbodygreen: “There is no comparison between the combination of music, movements and collective spirit. It helps both the body and the mind to feel good and contributes to forming collective feelings with wider group of people with similar interests.”

Latin dances are therefore the best natural remedies to stay in good physical health and get rid of stress or depression.  Several studies have already shown the benefits of dance, sport and music for you general well-being (both physical and mental). However zumba is particularly good for you.

Researchers have proven that physical exercise leads to an increase in endorphines, which is a euphoric neurotransmitter and pain relief.  Exercise also secretes dopamine which is aknown for being a pleasure hormone.

Pilates and Kickboxing come next

Pilates takes second place n Doctor Ilene Ruhoys list and kickboxing follows as a close third.

As a side note, music is often used in hospitals today as a natural type of therapy to and treat various illnesses.  For example music can help improve a patients concentration or memory or can help improve the motor functioning of stroke patients or those who have suffered from a severe cerebral head trauma.


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