What is the average length of a penis? And what is the ideal length?

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What is the average length of a penis? And what is the ideal length?
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Many men feel self-conscious about the size of their penis. They can also tend to wonder about the ideal length of a penis, in an often unconscious spirit of competition, hoping to reassure themselves about their ability to satisfy their partner. So what is the average size of a penis, in the UK and worldwide? And what is the ideal length to satisfy your partner?

Average penis sizes in the UK and throughout the world

The website TargetMap has compiled various studies on the sizes of men’s erect penises in countries worldwide, in order to create a global infographic. Anyone can now check the average penis size in their country, provided studies have been carried out in their area.

Up until now, although we don’t have data for every country in the world, it seems that Nepal has the smallest average penis size, with a length of 3.7 inches (9,30 cm), and the Congo has the largest average penis size in the world, with a length of 7.1 inches (17,93 cm).

British men aren’t doing too badly in the ranking, as the average penis size in the UK is listed as 5.6 inches (14.3 cm), just in between the Norwegians (slightly larger) and the Americans (slightly smaller).

If we analyse the infographic by world regions, South America is ranked just behind Central Africa in terms of the largest penis sizes, and is based on a larger population size, although data is still lacking for many African countries.

Here is a ranking derived from the infographic available on TargetMap:

Average erect penis size per country

Congo: 7.1 in (17,93 cm)
Equador: 7 in (17,77 cm)
Ghana: 6..8 in (17,31 cm)
Jamaica: 6.4 in (16.3 cm)
Brazil: 6.2 in (15,70 cm)
Australia: 6.2 in (15,70 cm)
Argentina: 5.9 in (14,88 cm)
France: 5.7 in (14,50 cm)
Germany: 5.7 in (14,48 cm)
Switzerland: 5.6 (14.35 cm)
Norway: 5.6 in (14,34 cm)
United Kingdom: 5.6 in (14,30 cm)
USA: 5.6 in (14,15 cm)
Turkey: 5.5 in (13,98 cm)
Egypt: 5.5 in (13,85 cm)
Spain: 5.3 in (13,58 cm)
Russia: 5.2 in (13,21 cm)
India: 5.1 in (13,01 cm)
China: 5.1 in (12,90 cm)
Japan: 5 in (12,60 cm)
Italy: 4.9 in (12,50 cm)
Iran: 4.6 in (11 58 cm)
Pakistan: 4.4 in (11,05 cm)
South Korea: 4.3 in (10,80 cm)
North Korea: 3.8 in (9,60 cm)
Thailand: 3.7 in (9,43 cm)
Nepal: 3.7 in (9,30 cm)

What is the ideal length of a penis?

Less than 3.1 inches (8 cm) when erect is considered a micropenis, but this affects less than 3% of the population.

Given that the length of a vagina is between 3.1 and 4.7 inches (8-12 cm), ideal penis size depends on the anatomy of each woman. However, the vagina, being fairly elastic, especially during sex, quickly adapts to different penis sizes.

The width of a vagina, outside of during sex or sexual arousal, is generally 0 inches when it is not stimulated. During stimulation, it enlarges to adapt to the size of a penis or an object, and it can stretch to 10 cm wide when giving birth. 

However, size really doesn’t matter, as many studies have shown that penis size is not important for the majority of women in terms of sexual satisfaction.

Source: Targetmap

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