Vegan condoms make their debut!

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Vegan condoms make their debut!
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Several brands of vegan condoms are now available on the niche market that relates to veganism. Veganism is on the rise, with a recent survey reporting that 7% of people in the UK have embraced the lifestyle. And as everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or beliefs, needs to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases, alternatives to normal condoms now exist. 

Veganism has been gaining in popularity for a number of years, and it isn’t about to stop any time soon. In 2017, a German condom brand launched its own products that do not contain any animal products. A few months ago, a Swiss company also put vegan condoms on the market, to complement the range of traditional condoms, which are now available in pharmacies.

Why do condoms need to be vegan?

Vegans, people who refuse all traces of animal products in their everyday consumption, should technically also ban the condoms that are typically sold in the shops. Although it is not very well known, traditional condoms are made using casein, a dairy product, which makes the latex more flexible.

These new generation vegan condoms also assure consumers that they have not been tested on animals, and that they are biodegradable. 

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So what are they made from?

Several brands share the niche market in Europe, offering 100% plant based condoms, which are completely ecological. For example, the brand Fair Squared explain that the rubber used in their products comes from a fair trade plantation in the region of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. The latex is then processed and further treated near Hanover, Germany. The German company also highlight the fact that some of its profits go towards planting trees.

The Swiss company Green Condom go even further. In recent months, they launched a gluten free cruelty free and paraben free product (parabens being contained in numerous products, but which are potentially carcinogenic). All the ingredients are clearly marked on the box, for full transparency.

And in terms of price?

Green Condoms are on sale for 12.90 for a box of ten condoms, while Fair Squared offer them for €8.95 for a box of ten. Overall, there is not much of a difference between this and the price of regular condoms.

Note that both brands’ condoms are certified with a “CE” mark.

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