Top 6 things that turn men on during sex

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Top 6 things that turn men on during sex
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When it comes to the things that men love best in life, we can without a doubt include passionate, torrid sex! So ladies, listen up: here are the 6 things that men want most from women during sex. Be aware that these recommendations can also be applied to women….

1) A woman who expresses herself

To put it bluntly, when a man has an erection, some of the blood from his brain flows south to swell up the penis. In other words, the brain is less well irrigated at such times, and there is no point in trying to get him to concentrate!

During sex, a man waits for the women to tell him explicitly how she is feeling and what she wants from him. For example, you can use flattery to get him to give you even more pleasure: “that feels so good”, “go harder”, etc.

2) Control

A woman who knows what she wants and who goes about getting it can really turn a man on, thanks to the confidence that she exudes. Maybe using soft but sexy toys, or going more hardcore with latex and handcuffs…. any way (or almost any way!) is good for taking control during sex. Decide what you want, whether in terms of foreplay, positions or speed -he’ll follow you with his eyes closed!

3) New positions

Nowadays, we may well be able to access the Kama Sutra in just a few clicks, but only very few couples branch out from the traditional sex positions (missionary, doggy style, girl on top, spooning, etc.). However, new positions can really spice up your sex life, by varying the pleasure. When a woman suggests a new position, a man becomes even more aroused. Novelty is a powerful aphrodisiac….

4) Surprise

To turn your guy on to the max, get off the beaten track -experiment and try new things! Whether it’s a new sexy outfit, a location in which you’ve always fantasised about having sex, or a new sex toy you’d like to try out, go for it and you’ll see the effects your ideas have on your sex life. Of course, if you are getting up to mischief in the outdoors, try to surprise your guy without being caught out, because exhibitionism can get you in trouble with the law.

5) Enjoy admiring each other’s bodies

Men, like women, are very sensitive to visual stimuli -let your partner look at you and admire your movements. Choose your positions depending on the view they give of the other person’s body. Dance, strip tease or masturbation can also be great ways of turning each other on visually before moving on to the action.

6) Let go

The more you let go, both of you, with no differentiation between the sexes, the more pleasure you will feel and the more your desire will double! Butterflies guaranteed. So are you ready to give in entirely to pleasure, and give yourself over body and soul to your partner?


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