Top 3 favourite sex positions in Europe

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Top 3 favourite sex positions in Europe
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Are your favourite positions the same as the majority of Europeans, or are you one of the exceptions? The online medical consultation site Zava carried out a study on the sexual preferences of 500 Europeans, and here are the results!

The classic positions made the podium

The respondents had to select their three favourite positions from the following 6 options:

  • missionary
  • cowgirl
  • spooning
  • doggy
  • 69
  • held up

1) Missionary

Missionary is the most traditional position that exists, and for 29.4% of Europeans, it takes first place on the podium.

2) Cowgirl

At 27.7%, cowgirl, or “girl on top”, comes in as the second most popular position in Europe. It is the only position in the classification system that places the woman in a position of control during sex, straddling her partner, who is lying on his back.

3) Doggy

20% of respondents ranked doggy style as their favourite position, putting it at 3rd place in the Top 3 favourite sexual positions in Europe.

A separate study carried out by Zava made mild distinctions between preferences within Europe – the Portuguese and Hungarians appear to prefer a “legs in the air” position (which was not included in this survey), while the Polish prefer spooning!

Why such reticence towards new sexual practices or positions?

According to another study led by Zava, men have more interest in anal sex than women, the majority of whom are not interested. Men and women alike are afraid of pain during anal sex.

In terms of experimenting with new sexual practices, 23% of women worry about pain, 21% worry that they are too heavy for certain positions and one third of them are bothered by their lack of flexibility. These factors could explain why it is the classic positions that ended up on the podium.

Are men more sexually creative?

According to the results of a similar online survey, 59% of women claim that their partner is the more imaginative and initiative one in the relationship. Men thus tend to introduce new positions more than women, which they often discover in porn films, while women tend to seek inspiration on sites dedicated to sexuality or femininity.

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