Reaching the G-Spot with a small penis: Top 10 positions

Reaching the G-Spot with a small penis: Top 10 positions
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You are sure to have heard that a small but effective penis is far better than a large penis that is useless, or even painful if its owner doesn’t know what to do with it! So don’t be too quick to dismiss the less well endowed on their quest for the G spot, they could well success in their mission! Here are the Top 10 positions for reaching the G spot with a small penis. 

1) The magic mountain

The lady kneels in front of a pile of pillows, on which she rests her elbows, leaning forward. She opens her legs as wide as possible so that her gentleman friend can easily penetrate her and reach the G spot.

2) The butterfly

The lady lies on her back on the edge of the bed, or ideally a table, and puts her ankles on the man’s shoulders to raise her pelvis, making deep penetration possible.

3) The Big X

Lie face to face, intertwining your legs to get nearer to one another, to be able to move back and forth and to allow for penetration. Take each other’s hands to help guide the movements.

Alternate between fast and slow circular movements to reach the G spot.

4) The lotus

The gentleman is seated with his legs crossed, while the lady sits on top of him and wraps her legs around him. It is the lady who takes the lead, even if the man can make small jerky movements.

5) The fouton

The woman is lying on a table, or any surface on which her pelvis is at the level of the man’s penis. She raises her legs in the air and crosses her ankles, while the man penetrates her deeply.