How to know if someone is lying

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How to know if someone is lying
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When someone lies certain signs give them away.  They can be read on their face, in their eyes, from their body language or their voice.  Read on to find out how to spot the signs!

What are the signs of lying?

Knowing how to read body language and understand people’s behaviour is essential for some jobs.  For example the police and psychologists know what signs to look out for if some is lying.  Certain signs give them away like blushing, shaking, sweating without any apparent reason or breathing heavily.

When you lie it is natural to be afraid that you will give yourself away. As a result this stress causes our nervous system to produce physical reactions.  When you lie this generated stress or fear generally increases your adrenaline which leads to an faster heart rate.

Lie detectors use these heart rate reactions to determine if someone is lying or not.  In France, results from lie detectors can not be used as proof in court cases which is why they are no longer used in interrogations.

Facial expressions and movements can betray you

Facial expressions which give away a lie are more difficult to detect.  For example it could be a matter of:

  • Very quick head movements; 
  • Raised eyebrows even if only slightly raised;
  • Wrinkles forming on the forehead; 
  • Dilating pupils.

Some people could also touch their nose.  This movement is linked with the adrenaline boost in the nasal blood vessels when you lie. Others could also touch their neck, cover their mouth or purse their lips.

Can you tell a lie from someones eyes or their voice?

As the old saying goes, “our eyes are the windows to our soul”.  According to some researchers, eyes can give away a lie.  For example, right handed people supposedly have a tendency to turn their gaze to the right when they lie and the opposite for left handed people.

The same goes for people who blink more quickly than normal or on the contrary, stare you straight in the eye “without batting an eyelid” in the hope that it will help to convince you of their lie.

However your voice can also betray you.  In fact, when you lie it can alter your voice hinting at your stress.

Although this gives you a few ideas of what to look out for, scientific studies have not yet revealed a full proof method of knowing for sure if someone is lying or not.

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