The P-spot: discover men’s G-spot!

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The P-spot: discover men’s G-spot!
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We often hear tell of the G-spot, the holy grail of female sexuality, triggering incomparable orgasms. However, we tend to hear less about the P-spot, the male G-spot, which is often completely forgotten about. However, men also have a specific point in their body that leads straight to seventh heaven. So where is it? And how can it be stimulated? 

What is the P-spot?

The “P” in “P-spot” refers to the prostate, a gland that makes up part of the male reproductive system, and which contains the ejaculatory tubes.

This gland is made up of two zones or lobes, which are themselves made up of supportive tissue containing:

  • muscle fibres
  • blood vessels
  • nerve endings
  • glands which secrete sperm

Where is the P-spot?

The P-spot is found on the prostate, situated under the bladder, around 7 cm deep behind the upper wall of the rectum. Depending on age, its size varies from the size of a walnut to the size of an apple. You don’t necessarily have to go inside the anus to stimulate the P-spot.

Why is it more taboo than the G-spot?

Although this is a highly erogenous zone, many heterosexual men are reluctant to experiment with it, as they often don’t like the idea of putting a finger or an object into the anus to stimulate the P-point so as to achieve a prostate orgasm. However, this isn’t the only way to stimulate the point, although it is the best way. The vaginal access to the female G-spot often seems more “natural”. 

How to stimulate the P-spot?

There are two ways to stimulate the P-spot.

External stimulation

Without penetrating the anus, externally massaging the perineum, between the scrotum and the anus, can allow you to feel a small lump. By gently massaging the area, the man should experience a very pleasant sensation. You can massage a little harder if he enjoys it. Accompanied by fellatio, this action doubles the pleasure of a prostate orgasm.

According to Chinese medicine, prostate massage can prevent inflammation of the prostate, hyperplasia (an increase in the size of the prostate) and prostate cancer, while ensuring the longevity of the urinary and sexual functions.

Internal stimulation

When a man is sufficiently aroused, and when the anus is lubricated (using lube or Vaseline), you can insert a finger until you feel a lump. With your finger, press down on it and massage it, as this is the P-point, the erogenous zone of the prostate. The higher the arousal levels, the harder the prostate and the penis will be, ending up in a prostate orgasm, which doesn’t necessarily lead to ejaculation. Orgasm and ejaculation are not necessarily imperative.

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