The benefits of writing for your health

The benefits of writing for your health
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Writing is nowadays considered a therapy, which is recommended by numerous doctors and psychologists, to help express emotions. Pain, disappointment, sadness, desolation, but also joy, ideas, projects and dreams! We can write it all out, and this exercise has a positive impact on our health. 

Writing to unwind

Some people prefer doing exercise, cooking or reading, but for others, writing really helps them to unwind, because it’s a way to externalise everything without hurting or annoying anyone -at least as long as we keep what we’ve written private….

We don’t write in the same way as we speak. That is to say that we don’t say the same things when we express ourselves orally as when we write things down. When we write, we have more of a tendency towards digressions, tangents and more generally, to a deeper exploration of our inner selves. 

In contrast to “pure” writing, which simply consists of writing about a particular defined subject, we are talking today about the type of writing which consists of letting the imagination and your thoughts run free, and putting everything down on paper. There are no limits, you can write whatever you please, whatever makes you happy, or you can write about anything that’s upsetting you or making you sad. It is better to keep your writing varied, writing for example about any big arguments you may have had, but also about things such as your crushes or pleasant, fun events.

Writing to feel better

Negative experiences can cause us to feel hurt. The longer you keep such hurt bottled up inside, the more it will start to seem like something that will never heal. But writing can allow you to put words to how you are feeling and thus help you let go of your negative emotions, by putting them down on paper rather than keeping them floating around in your head. 

The fact of writing out the thoughts that loop around and around in your brain will allow you to organise your thoughts and take a step back from them, in order to better understand yourself. In the case of psychological pain, writing will speed up your recovery, and thus it is a real natural remedy for negative thinking. 

Writing to move on

For example, if a person is feeling sad or desperate, and if they express their worries and doubts through writing, instead of allowing such negative emotions to invade their minds, they will feel better because writing can help them take a step back from their emotions.

Ask yourself a few questions before you start writing, for example: “What makes me sad?”, “What makes me happy?”, “What do I dream of?”, “What can I do to feel better and to realise my dreams?”, etc. 

When you do eventually look back on this time and what you have written, you’ll see that your situation has evolved and that you have moved on from the stage you were stuck in when you were writing. You will have taken steps and decisions since then to improve your life or your mental or physical health.

Write without trying too hard

Especially if you are not very comfortable with writing, don’t worry too much about writing long beautiful phrases or correcting your spelling. Who cares, as it is only you that is going to read it? You’re not planning to publish a novel (as far as you know!).

This is called expressive writing, and it consists of not thinking too much and just writing whatever comes into your head, no frills.

After a few days to a few weeks, or even months, you will see that you have already taken a step back, and when you read over what you had written, you are sure to be now thinking differently. 

Finally, yes, you heard us, writing is one of the most effective natural remedies for freeing yourself from stress and putting your life and your head in order!