The 5 best positions to reach a vaginal orgasm

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The 5 best positions to reach a vaginal orgasm
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Debates around vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasms continue to enhance scientific, psychological and physiological thinking.  However it is still important to know your own body and to experience these sensations for yourself. The vagina, thanks to it’s numerous nerve endings and it’s significant vascularisation, is a perfect area for a female orgasm. Above all, it is where you find the G-point… but how do you reach it? Here are our tips. 

What is a vaginal orgasm?

If you ask a woman what is the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm, she will without a doubt say the first is a surface orgasm whereas the second is much deeper. However recent scientific research has shown that the clitoris isn’t just a small visible bump.  In reality it goes deeper inside the vagina walls.  These walls are also stimulated during penetration.  So in that sense, the resulting orgasm is a combination of the two.  And all of that just for our own great pleasure!

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During foreplay, if excitement is at the highest level and the body is caressed (in particular the clitoris), the vagina will prepare itself for penetration by emitting a natural lubricant. When this happens the pleasure becomes even more intense until you reach ecstasy.  During a vaginal orgasm, the perineal muscles involuntarily contract between 3 and 30 times.

How do you achieve a vaginal orgasm (apart from with the following sex positions) ?

The involuntary contractions that occur at the moment of an orgasm are key to orgasmic pleasure. The more powerful the contractions, the stronger and more intense the orgasm will be.  To make yourself go wild, try to strengthen your perineal area by intentionally contracting it in a seated position on a chair.

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The best positions for a vaginal orgasm

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The Doggy-style

The doggy-style position is a particularly effective sex position for reaching a vaginal orgasm. You on all fours while your partner is on his knee between your back legs, the doggy-style position allows a deep penetration and stimulates the desirable G-point.

The Horse-rider

You saddle your partner who is lying on his back with you head and shoulders leaning backwards.  If your partner has a small penis this position is good at stimulating the G-point.

The Courtesan

You are sat on a raised furniture facing your partner.  With your leg you wrap yourself around his waist. You will see for yourself that this is the ideal angle for reaching a vaginal orgasm.

The Elephant

Lie on your stomach pressing down on your forearms.  You partner lies on top of you.  Not only does both your skin remain in contact, but the penetration is deep which is perfect for climbing to seventh heaven.

The Stalk

In the stalk position, you lie on your back with your pelvis raised by a cushion and your legs vertical on each of your partners shoulders.  You partner is on his knees facing you between your open legs.  This position has the optimal penetration angle for hitting the G-spot.

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