Study about female orgasms reveals three rules to follow

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Study about female orgasms reveals three rules to follow
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A team of American researchers analysed the collective data from on online survey on the NBC news site which was based on the responses of more than 52, 000 participants aged between 18 and 65 years old who were in a couple.  Their results were published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior which is the official journal for the International Academy of Sexual Research.  This study helped researchers discover the perfect equation for having a female orgasm.  Read on to find out more! 

Female orgasms:  An indispensable golden trio

A female orgasm is not always easily reached in every sexual encounter, especially if the woman is tired, worried or poorly stimulated because she is doing all the work.  This is the same no matter what type of orgasm whether it is clitoral, vaginal, ectocervical or anal. For most women the clitoral orgasm is the easiest to reach.

According to researchers, certain combinations of actions and stimulations are extremely effective at helping a woman reach seventh heaven!

Below is the golden trio which can help induce a female orgasm during sex:

  • Genital stimulation (clitoral, vaginal),
  • Kissing with the tongue,
  • Oral sex (cunnilingus).

According to the survey results, these three practices together help women reach an orgasm, which was approved by 80% of heterosexual women and by 91% of homosexual women.

Orgasms and statistics: Not all the same!

Men seem more able to have an orgasm with each sexual encounter.  Of the 52,000 survey respondents, 95% of heterosexual men and 89% of gay men reported reaching orgasm every time they had sex. 

It is clear there are differences in the quality of orgasms for women and heterosexual men.

In fact, 65% of heterosexual and bisexual women reported having an orgasm with each sexual encounter while this increased to 86% for homosexual women. In addition, only 35% of heterosexual women reported having an orgasm after having vaginal intercourse. It seems that penetration alone is not the best way to enjoy having sex.

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