Stress, depression and insomnia: homeopathic remedies

Stress, depression and insomnia: homeopathic remedies
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In the knowledge that the majority of medications prescribed for fighting insomnia, stress or depression can cause unpleasant side effects, here is a list of natural alternatives: homeopathic remedies. 

1) Homeopathic remedies for anxiety, worry or fear

Although it is sometimes criticised, homeopathy can be effective for many people, and is more natural because it uses plant properties.

Worry and anxiety can have social repercussions, which can be caused by a lack of concentration or memory losses. Physically, it can manifest via numerous symptoms, such as nausea, heart palpitations, hot flushes or tightness in the chest. Other people can experience excessive sweating, vertigo or stomach pains.

To treat psychological anxiety without physical symptoms, Gelsenium 9 CH or Aconit 7 CH are often prescribed. Ignatia Amara is often recommended in the case of anxiety linked to grief or irritation.

Arsenicum Album 15 CH is recommended for people who tend to be pessimistic, for people who are worrying about a future event, or who are anxious about the fact that they have difficulties falling asleep.

To help women reduce fear and anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth, a doctor may potentially prescribe homeopathic remedy Actaea Racemosa.

Anxiety and physical signs

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You can ask your doctor or naturopath to prescribe you Argentum Nitricum 9 CH if your anxiety is intense and accompanied by diarrhea, severe stomach pains, vertigo, social phobia or claustrophobia.

In the case of knots in your stomach, you can go for Kalium carbonicum 9 CH. If you tend to sweat a lot due to anxiety or worry, you can ask for Phosphoricum Acidum.

2) Homeopathic remedies for depression

In the case of extreme anxiety or even depression, Argentum nitricum or Arsenicum album could be the homeopathic remedy you’ve been looking for! As well as soothing the physical symptoms of anxiety such as diarrhea or a suffocating sensation, it also soothes the psychological symptoms and has a positive effect on your morale.

The doctor or homeopath may decide, depending on the presenting symptoms, such as depression or feeling low, to prescribe Psorium in order to help the patient recover from their distress.

3) Homeopathic remedies for insomia

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Insomnia can be linked to several factors, such as diet or lifestyle. Eat light meals that do not contain much fat or sugar. Similarly, it is recommended that you avoid caffeinated drinks or energy drinks, as well as chocolate, smoking and certain drugs.

Whatever your sleep problem, the basic homeopathic treatment generally prescribed contains a sedative based on Passiflora incarnata. This remedy also helps with stress.

Other homeopathic treatments may be recommended by your doctor or homeopath, depending on your individual needs. For example, for agitated sleep, you can take Causticum before going to bed. In the case of feeling overloaded, particularly from your work,  Kalium phosphoricum 9 CH can be effective for calming the nerves and helping you to relax naturally.


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