Strawberries: 8 proven natural health benefits

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Strawberries: 8 proven natural health benefits
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While strawberries tickle our taste buds, they are also great for our health. Delicious summer fruits, they have multiple advantages, which have us looking at the world through rose tinted glasses!

1. Strawberries help with slimming

Containing only 33 Kcal per 100 g, strawberries are considered low in calories and rich in nutrients. This summer, forget about chocolate in your desserts, and go for fruit instead!

2. They help prevent wrinkles

Eating strawberries slows down skin ageing. Thanks to these red berries, the skin becomes more beautiful and soft. Strawberries, like many summer fruits, also contribute to tanning.

3. They protect your eyes

The antioxidant properties in strawberries help prevent cataracts. Cataracts, which lead to progressive clouding of the lens of the eye, can lead to a partial or total loss of sight.

The vitamin C contained in strawberries also protects against ultra-violet rays.

4. They help prevent cancer

The vitamin C and ellagic acid contained in strawberries help the body to prevent cancer. The vitamin C stimulates the immune system, while the ellagic acid appears to stop the growth of cancerous cells.