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5 strange things that can happen when we sleep

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5 strange things that can happen when we sleep
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When you wake up in the morning, sometimes your bed sheets are in total disarray with your head on the wrong side. Sometimes your partner blames you for having hit them all night long while you can’t remember a thing… Do you remember anything? So, let’s take a look at the 5 strange things that can happen while you’re asleep.

1) Speaking while you are sleeping

Sleep-talking  – is very common in children, but not as usual in adults. Words are not necessarily very audible or comprehensible and are often brief.
It can range from short babbling, or small noises, to real sentences or real words. These words can often be hostile, rude and full of anger and negativity.
Talking while you sleep is often a response to negative dreams, explaining your rudeness and anger.
Talking in your sleep don’t harm you. However for others, who are beside you it can be very difficult to sleep.
It could be caused by stress, lack of sleep, anxiety or sleeping disorders.

2) Sleep-walking

We all know about sleep-walking thanks to books, series and films. Fear that generates parasomnia is often used in horror film.
While in a deep sleep our brain waves slow down, just like our breathing which becomes slow and very deep. (Can you feel the scary part of the horror film coming up?) The fact that the sleepwalking crisis appears during the deep sleep phase is why it is so difficult to wake a sleepwalker. When writing the troubling horror film Parasomnia the directors, F. Ralls and M. Grigg-Damberger explain:

Episodes of sleep-walking often start when the person is sat on their bed, fumbling with the bedding and looking around them in confusion before getting out of bed and slowly starting to walk.  Eyes are generally open, often very wide and with a confused “vacant” look”

Sleep walkers are often directed toward the light, sounds and precise places.  The can also manage to achieve movements and tasks that are quite complex such as getting dressed, eating, going out or going to the toilet.
For a few years now, sleepwalkers have even managed to end text messages.  This often happens with young teenagers who wake up to find an unpleasant surprise as they notice they have sent texts to different people and have no memory of it. 

3) Hypnotic jerks

Said like that, it’s not very easy to know what were talking about, but you’ll quickly understand. You begin to fall asleep, but at that moment, you feel like your falling a long way or stumbling.
This means that you are starting to fall asleep. It is common in adults and occurs during the transition to light sleep. This feeling of falling is due to muscle contraction.
You may also feel the “exploding head syndrome“, where you will feel like there is a powerful explosion nearby.

cycles sommeil
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4) Sexosmnia

Hmm, what does this term mean?“, we hear you say… well sexosmia or other wise known as sleep sex is when a person has sex, masturbates or caresses while they are slepe but have no memory of doing it in the morning.
As with sleepwalking, everything happens during the deep sleep phase. This means it is very difficult to wake the person up. And even if few cases have been identified, this phenomenon can be dangerous for the person sleeping beside them. Indeed, in some cases, sexosmnia has lead to sexual acts which have not consented to by the partner.
However, the majority of cases are more embarrassing than anything else. Stress management therapy can help calm crises.

5) Becoming violent

Violent dreams can often trigger sleeping behaviour which is characterised by uncontrollable and chaotic movements going in all directions.  You can often tell that you have had an agitated sleep as when you fell asleep you were wrapped up nicely in your covers however you wake up the next day without any covers on you and your bed in disarray.

In the majority of cases it is not serious but it  it can happen that the person you are sleeping beside is physically attacked.  This type of violence is more common for men.   


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