Squeezing spots: why it is not a good idea!

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Squeezing spots: why it is not a good idea!
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After squeezing a spot near her eyebrows, the 21-year old American, Katie Wright, feared for her life and for her eyesight.  She created a stir on social media after recounting her experience on her Twitter account. 

Katie Wright had to be rushed to A&E after squeezing a spot because the heat and the pain of it had become “unbearable.”

Doctors told her that she didn’t have a classic acne spot but an bacteria infection called infectious cellulite or cellulitis. This bacteria infection diffuses into the connective tissues under the skin and can cause death if not treated in time.

Katie was lucky because if the tissue infection reached her eye she could have become blind. Even more worryingly, the infection could have affected the brain, or even killed her if she had not reacted quickly.

Thanks to the treatments prescribed by doctors in good time, Katie was able to get cured in 4 days.

How can you prevent cellulitis?

If your spot becomes unusually painful or swells in size get in touch with your doctor or dermatologist without squeezing it!

Clean the spot with hot water and use a face product which is adapted to your skin type.

Clean and rinse your make up brushes and and any face sponges or cloths that your use on your skin.

You could even prepare your own natural moisturiser.

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