Spots on the penis: are they normal? And how can you get rid of them?

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Spots on the penis: are they normal? And how can you get rid of them?
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According to the French Dermatology Society, 40% of men notice the appearance of small white round spots on their penis. These spots are benign but difficult to get rid of, and occur in two forms: pearly penile papules (growths) on the tip of the penis, and Fordyce spots, enlarged oil glands which secrete oil. So are they normal? And how can you recognise them and get rid of them?

Pearly penile papules (PPP)

Pearly penile papules often manifest in adolescence or adulthood as small white growths, mainly on the penis in men, but they can also occur on other parts of the body and the face. They can also affect women.

They are not dangerous for your health nor are they contagious, but you shouldn’t squeeze or pierce them.

In men, these white pearls are generally found on the piece of skin that separates the head from the rest of the penis, but they can also form a ‘crown’ around the head of the penis.

How to get rid of them?

These spots are completely normal, and are due mainly to hormones, so there is no medical treatment for them. The only solution is surgical, and it is possible to remove them with carbon dioxide laser treatment or by electrodessication, but the procedure is fairly painful.

They do no harm apart from in terms of aesthetics, and some people even claim that they can increase sexual pleasure for their partners!

Fordyce spots

These oil glands, called Fordyce spots, form small white bumps under the skin of the penis. Like the previous type of spots described above, they shouldn’t be pierced or squeezed, because they are normal and benign, without any risks to your health.

They are in fact small oil reservoirs, and this oil hydrates the sensitive skin on the penis. They are located at the roots of almost invisible hairs.

Men usually notice these oil glands under the skin of the shaft of the penis, in various quantities, depending on the person.

How to get rid of them?

Fordyce spots do not interfere with your sex life, unless the man is very upset by them, and in this case, surgical solutions are the only option (CO2 laser treatment or electrodessication).

However, apart from these normal types of penile spots, there are other types that need to be monitored. In the case of doubt, or if an unusual type of spot or growth appears that doesn’t look like pearly penile papules or Fordyce spots, consult a doctor or a dermatologist, because they could be caused by a sexually transmitted infection.