Sophrology, a natural remedy to relieve fibromyalgia

Sophrology, a natural remedy to relieve fibromyalgia
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Fibromyalgia is a syndrome recognised by the World Health Organisation and is manifested by pain diffused throughout the body, intense fatigue and sleep problems. This condition does not lead to serious complications, but the symptoms can be difficult to live with. Here is how sophrology can help you relieve the symptoms. 

Fibromyalgia: pain in at least 11 of 18 points

If diffuse pain throughout the body lasts more than 3 months and is experienced in at least 11 of these 18 characteristic points associated with the condition (see the diagram below), you may be suffering from fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia – Sav Vas via Wikimedia

What is sophrology?

Sophrology is a form of alternative medicine that consists of studying human consciousness and which provides a collection of techniques and methods for treating pain in the body, notably using meditation.

Sophrology helps a person to become aware of their bodies and their body’s patterns, to be present in their own bodies and to harmonise the mind and the body. It can also help reinforce positive thinking, in order to help us access our full potential. 

Prana breathing

Breathe in deeply, raise your two arms into the air and bring your hands together on your diaphragm, placing your palms on your rib cage. Take a pause and breathe out deeply, extending your arms and opening the rib cage. This will help you breathe in a healthy way to loosen up the muscles and sooth aches and pains.

Axial rotation

In a standing position, anchor your feet to the floor and take a deep breath in, hold it and rotate your pelvis from left to right. Come back to standing straight and breathe out fully.

Caycedo dynamic relaxation

Highly effective, there are 12 degrees of dynamic relaxation.
The first three are inspired by Eastern techniques and can be found in Indian yoga, Tummo or Tibetan Dhumo, and in Japanese Zazen. They are completed standing and sitting on a chair, in a brightly lit area.

There are other sophrology methods to help fight against fibromyalgia and other forms of pain and disease, such as visualisation techniques that use sensory imagery focusing on the future, or that evoke positive memories.