Soothe a burned mouth with these 5 tips!

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Soothe a burned mouth with these 5 tips!
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We all know the feeling of a burned tongue after having drank something too hot, or eaten something just out of the oven. It’s nothing serious, and soon goes back to normal, but it would be nice to get some relief from the feeling of numbness and discomfort that follows. Here are our top tips for solving this little problem. And good luck 😉

1) Go for something cold

Something cold will anesthetise the tongue and immediately relieve it. Eat an ice-pop if you have one handy, or even apply an ice cube. Otherwise, a very cold drink will do the trick.

2) Yoghurt

Put a large spoon of yoghurt in your mouth and leave it for a few seconds -just enough to give you some relief!

3) Sugar to the rescue

Take a little granulated sugar and leave it to melt on your tongue. Discomfort will soon subside. Leaving some honey to dissolve in your mouth can also work, until the pain disappears. Honey is an excellent natural treatment for any minor burns.

4) Aloe vera

It’s not the most pleasant tasting remedy, but very effective in this instance. Apply aloe vera gel to the area you would like to treat.

5) And afterwards?

There are certain foods you should avoid so as not to aggravate your poor burning mouth, and others that can help soothe it.


  • Acidic foods (orange juice, lemon, citrus fruits…)
  • Salty foods (savoury snacks, crisps…)


  • Refreshing and menthol foods such as menthol chewing gum (mint is both refreshing and soothing).