Smelly feet: 6 tips to avoid bad odors

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No one likes smelly feet whether it is the person affected or those around them!  However how do you avoid bad odors without smothering your feet in a chemical product?  Here are six natural tips or pieces of advice to help you keep your feet smelling fresh. 

1) Avoid wearing shoes made from synthetic materials

Although synthetic materials are less expensive they will make your feet sweat more which will also increase the development of bacteria.  Natural materials like leather with prevent bad odors better.

2) Choose shoes made from cotton

Whether it is for shoes or socks you should always try and avoid synthetic materials and chose natural materials instead.  Wearing cotton socks will help to prevent smelly feet.

3) Use talc powder or cornflower

In summer your feet sweat more so you can always try using talc powder or cornflour.  Sprinkle a little of either of these two products onto your feet before putting on your socks or shoes.  These natural ingredients can help to absorb bad odors.

4) Wear aerated shoes

Some brands or types of shoes have an aerated system that is specifically designed to make your feet sweat less.

5) Try lemon foot baths

After a tiring day you can remove you shoes and your socks and then soak your feet in a warm bath with a dash of lemon juice.  The antiseptic properties of the lemon will help you to get rid of the bacteria responsible for the bad smells.

6) Make your own shoe deodorant with bicarbonate of soda

Add water and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda into a clean spray bottle.  Shake the bottle spraying the insides of your shoes with this natural product that will get rid of bad smells.


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