Smartphones: how do they affect your sleep and your health?

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Smartphones: how do they affect your sleep and your health?
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Having analysed the sleep structures of 2,000 Chinese internet users, researchers noticed that people who used their smartphones the most late at night didn’t sleep well. Among these people, 60% were born in the 1990s.

More than 50% of people sleep poorly

The 2,000 internet users came from 10 large cities in China. Aged from 18 to 50 years old, they slept for an average of 7 hours 6 minutes per night, however 56% of them reported sleeping badly.

According to the researchers in the Chinese sleep research society, people working in IT were more likely than others to suffer from insomnia: 16% of them reported having sleep problems. The next most affected groups were factory workers, salespeople and consultants.

This study reported that 12% of people born in the 1990s had already suffered from insomnia, and that 75% of them had difficulties falling asleep or sleeping well, due to anxiety or sadness.

For 31% of these people, it took them 30 minutes to fall asleep, while 0.9% needed sleeping tablets. According to the researchers, the people born after 1990, and even more so those born after 1995, appeared to be in the habit of using their smartphone just before going to sleep.

80 minutes of screen time before sleep!

According to the same study, around 60% of people born after 1995 use their smartphones for up to 80 minutes every night before nodding off. Some people played games, others watched films -each to his or her own.

However, as we already know, a lack of sleep can have negative effects on health and cause fatigue, temporary depression or even clinical depression, or problems such as diabetes or heart disease.

The use of electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers before going to sleep can thus delay the onset of sleep and lead to insomnia.

It is better not to go to sleep too late at night, and to get up at regular hours, without using screens for at least one hour before going to bed. 


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