Slow Sex: why you should take your time

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Slow Sex: why you should take your time
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When it comes to Slow Sex there are some things that can be thrown straight out the window like speed, performance or worrying about failure. Taking our time is not wasting time.  Here are 5 ways you can appreciate your partner even more by – you know it – taking things slow. 

Cut yourself off from the world and connect with your partner

Slow Sex is when you concentrate on the pleasure of your partner.  The world around is no longer important.  You need to be completely in tune and connected to your partner.  This is the only thing that really counts.

The American sexologist Diana Richardson, who wrote Slow Sex: The Path to Fulfilling and Sustainable Sexuality advises that you should forget about performance or trying to reach an orgasm as quickly as possible.  By doing this you can lose energy. Let your partner’s emotions and feelings take over you.  Understand their needs, desires and give them what they desire.

Make the moment special

In Slow Sex the context is essential.  Whether it is beautiful, romantic, sexy you should prepare the moment.  Wood or floral aromas are elements that can be worked with.  Try and make sure that the area is filled with delicate scents.  As well as making you and your partner both feel more at ease you will also have a more powerful connection with one another.

Lower your inhibitions!

You need to let go of any hang-ups that you have about your body.  It is not easy, even after you have spend many years with the same person these hang-up stay only to highlight to yourself that you shouldn’t give too much away. But you should forget about them.  Learn how to undress each other and make this moment as sensual as the rest.

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Touching and looking are important

So that your connection is both tender and strong you need to be in touch with your senses.  Your senses need to be alert so that they can discover.
Touching just like sight are two senses that we have so that we can discover our environment.  They are precise and delicate.  Learn to touch each other like you are discovering each other for the first time. But don’t start with areas that you know are erogenous.  Many areas of the body are sensitive to touch.  Discover where they are on your partner.
Looking at each can have an effect on your other half.  Stare into each others eyes and look for the slightest twitch and learn to understand them.  There is a lot that can be appreciated!

Be more sensual than sexual

For Slow Sex, being sensual is the basis of a sexual relation. Penetration is not longer the privileged or dreaded act.  Pleasure comes from the fact that both your bodies are guiding each other slowly.  Each person is learning to understand sexual pleasures which are different from usual.  Your relations with be more intense and more connected.
Forget about automatic reflexes!  Think about soft, delicate caresses and massages. All of this will help make Slow Sex work for you and your partner.


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