Slipped disc: 9 tips to naturally relieve pain

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Slipped disc: 9 tips to naturally relieve pain
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A slipped disc also called a herniated disc is when a soft cushion of tissue pushes out between the bones in your spine.  When it touches your nerves this can cause severe pain. Over time, intervertebral discs are worn down and can become deformed or even cause a sciatica if your sciatic nerve is affected.  If you are suffering from a slipped disc here are some useful tips on how to naturally relieve pain. 

1) Avoid abrupt movements

Avoid sudden movements.  Pressure on the intervertebral disc is important in the morning when you get up.  This is why it is recommended to get up by turning yourself onto the side and sticking your legs out of the bed first before getting up by using your arms.

2) Try a lumbar belt

A lumbar belt can be effective at relieving pain caused by a slipped disc or a sciatica.  It is meant to force the person who wears it to sit up straight by prevent some bad postures.  This is why it is considered as a natural way of relieving pain.

3) Avoid bending down

Avoid as much as you can from bending your back.  Bend with your knees when sitting down or hold on to something on the ground and your back as straight as possible.

4) Don’t travel long distances in the car

Long car journeys can be really hard going for people who suffer from a slipped disc or a sciatica because of the strong vibrations and little jolts that can be felt when travelling.  Plains, train and other forms of public transport seem to be a better alternative as they you are freer to move around.  If you don’t have another alternative other than the car, try and invest in a comfortable seat or a way of regulating the seats so that you can keep your back straight during the journey.  take regular breaks if the journey is longer that 2 hours.

5) Buy good pairs of shoes

If you feet are cushioned when you walk, there is less pressure put on the intervertebral disc.  So that you can soften the shocks when you plant your feet on the ground and relieve any pain caused by the slipped disc, you should wear shoes with a special airy or gel filled sole which is a good cushion.  During the treatment, avoid flexible footwear like flip-flops or sandals and also  heels.

6) Prevent yourself from taking part in certain sports

Some sports cause shocks or sprains more than others.  Running, ball sports (tennis, football, handball etc.), combat sports (boxing, fighting) are to be completely avoided!

7) However don’t sit still!

Although you should avoid some sports, it is important to alternate between rests and physical activity that is not too strenuous like walking.  Avoid resting for more more than 2 hours in a seated position or lying on your back.

8) Choose hard supports

When you are seated, try and avoid use soft furnishings as a support (armchairs, sofas) which don’t encourage a straight back posture.  Instead sit on a harder chair which allows you to keep a straight posture to help you to naturally relieve pain.

9) Don’t carry heavy items

You should never carry heavy items if you suffer from a sciatica or a slipped disc.  This would risk causing a lot of pressure onto the intervertebral disc (compressing nerves) and the pain can get worse and become more intense.


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