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Shiatsu: What does a session involve and what are the benefits?

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Shiatsu: What does a session involve and what are the benefits?
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Originally from Japan, shiatsu is a thousand year old practice that comes from traditional Chinese medicine.  It involves carrying out stretches, rubbing and pressure on certain points of the body in order to improve circulation and energy.  What are the benefits of this ancient practice? 

What happens during a shiatsu session?

A shiatsu session generally lasts one hour.  The patient will normally remain clothed and then will lie down on a massage table so the practitioner can carry out their manipulations and pressure on energetic points on the body. 
This pressure can be given in different ways: by using fingers, the palm of your hand, the elbow, knee or foot.  At the same time, you might be asked to carry out particular movements such as stretches or relaxation of joints.  According to Chinese medicine, joints are important zones for energy circulation. 

What are the benefits of shiatsu?

Regularly practicing shiatsu can improve the flexibility of muscular tissues and joints which is why this practice is recommended for people suffering from muscular and joint pain.

At the same time, shiatsu stimulates blood and lymph circulation thanks to the relaxing actions of massages and exercises.  As a result shiatsu is often used for people suffering from cardiovascular problems, sore back, sore head and stress.

The relaxing effect of shiatsu helps to stimulate the body’s natural defenses which therefore helps to encourage your body to switch into a healing mode.

In Britain shiatsu training courses exist which train people interested in practicing this ancient Chinese medicine.  If you are interested in going for a shiatsu session make sure you check that the person has an accredited qualification. 


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