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Sexuality: Can age difference effect a relationship?

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Sexuality: Can age difference effect a relationship?
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Should age be an issue for couples and can age differences impact a successful relationship?  There are many couple that make it work.  Although we often think men are older than their partners this is not always the case. Take the French President Emmanuel Macron as an example, who is 25 years younger than his wife Brigitte Macron. In this article we’ll look at this controversial relationship issue: can age differences impact your relationship. 

Age difference in the eyes of others

In Britain, the man in a heterosexual relationship is often older than their partner.  Disparity in age is not exactly an unusual phenomenon however people are not very excepting of large age gaps (15 years or more) between couples.  This is particularly the case in heterosexual couples when the women is older than the man.

Many people say they couldn’t be in a relationship with a big age gap as they would be worried what people think of their relationship. It is true that you can often hear comments like ” Are you not going after your father, there,” for a girl interested in an older man or “She’s like his mother” for a man with an older women like Emmanuel Macron.  You could even say “He is the same age as her children!”

However people in relationships which go against common norms on age disparity seem to still have feelings for each other despite fear of judgmental comments, looks or analysis.  This proves that the views of others should never hold you back from love even if it goes against social norms!

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Becoming a parent is something that lots of couples are looking for in a relationship.  Even though a child should never be taken as the glue that holds a relationship together, it is a symbol of future plans and commitment as a couple.  You are making a big life commitment together when you decide to become parents.
Future plans are often difficult for couples with a large age gap.  Often one of the two partners is already a parent or they are no longer of an age that they can have a child.
However the important thing to remember here is communication.  Speaking about these things together is key.  In a successful relationship you should always be open about your desires, possibilities or impossibilities which includes the negative and the good! For a couple to last (regardless of age difference), it is important that as a couple you have similar expectations or that you can work out your differences together.

Aging process out of kilter

Marital off set

Of course if you are not the same age as your partner then you are going to age in the same way!  Or you will both age but the aging process will be off set and out of kilter. With age, plans can change as well as your desires.  This is why it is all the more important to communicate with your partner.  You should always stay on the same wave length so you don’t bicker and then blame one another.
Another aspect of your relationship that can be off kilter is your sex drive.  When you get older, your sex drive can reduce or change.  Sometimes there can even be mechanical issues (Gentlemen this affects you) which can make it difficult to have an erection.
However what seems to be the most common trait for lasting relationships is the joy to live in the present moment.  You should obviously plan things but you should also live for the moment and deal with problems as and when they arrive.

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23 years age difference

Difference in your social circle

If your partner is older than you then your friend groups could differ as well.  What’s more your hobbies, plans and life in almost it’s entirety will be a little different.  However you should remember that your friends are there to support and accept you. 
Often these meetings with friends can be nerve-raking or uncomfortable.  However you need to take the plunge and meet your respective friend groups.  What’s more you’ll often find it is easier than you initially thought.   

Contrasts society norms

The last big difference involves society norms.  A relationship with a large age gap is often considered marginal. As we said above, derogatory remarks can be still heard and can hurt if you are in this situation or put you off.
However you have to have enough confidence in yourself to accept your own desires. Know who you love, and be sure about it. It should be noted, however, that mentalities are changing. Acceptance is getting more common even for couples where the woman is older. Be sure of yourself, as couple and your partner.

Final words

You need to accept others when you live your life as a couple even if others don’t accept you.   You need to remain strong and confident in yourself despite any derogatory comments that might come your way.  Communication is always the best way to deal with any issues like this that might arise.

Take care of yourself and when you are in love nothing else matters! As the old saying goes “Love is blind.”

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