Sex: When do women get bored of their partner

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Sex: When do women get bored of their partner
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While carrying out a national survey to understand more about partners sexual behaviour and lifestyles, researchers from the University of Southampton gathered information from more than 11, 000 participants of which 6, 669 were women and 4,839 were men.  All participants had a sexual partner the year before they took part in the study.  According to the study, women get bored of their sexual partner quicker than men…  Here are the results! 

Are women more tempted to cheat than men?

According to the results of the national study about 34% of women in comparison to 15% of men said that they were bored of their sexual partner after one year.

After a year, women are more likely than men to no longer feel the same passion they felt at the start of their sexual relation with the same partner.

For women, sexual dissatisfaction is four times greater after a year’s relationship than it is for men especially when they are in a couple.  Men seem to maintain a sexual interest in their relationship regardless of how long they have been in a couple.

Anxiousness about the lack of desire or passion

The participants in the study were aged between 16 and 74 and had a least one sexual relation the year prior to the study.
According to researchers, more than half of the women and men (62% of women, 53% of men) said that they were anxious about the idea of losing interest or desire in their sexual relations.

While women’s sexual interest lowers significantly with age, for men this interest lowers more gradually until they are about 70.  About 11% of men aged between 16 and 24 said that didn’t feel any interest in sex while this increased to 17% for men aged between 25 and 34.

Researchers noted that talking about sex with your partner can help couples to maintain their interest for sex and not get bored.  According to Cynthia Graham, researcher at the Sexual Health Research Centre at the University of Southampton, these results show the importance of  interaction and communication in understanding one partner’s lack of desire or libido.

The quality and durability of a relationship including the quality of communication with your partner are essential, particularly for women, to not lose passion or interest in sex regardless of the length of their relationship.

But most men and women admitted that after one year with the same partner, they no longer felt a close emotional connection for their partner during sex.  


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