Sex positions: Top 4 positions to fall pregnant

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Above all sex is a pleasurable moment to be shared with your partner.  Nevertheless when you decide to take the leap and have a child pleasure is often left at the wayside.  You can often start to think of the mechanics of how best to conceive which makes sex lose all it’s charm and fun.  Today we’ll outline 4 great sex positions that will allow you to still enjoy having sex with your partner and increase your chances of falling pregnant. 

Remember there are no miraculous positions that make you pregnant straight away but some positions will make it a little easier.

1. Missionary position

A classic but nevertheless effective.  The conditions for conception are ideal in this position as the lady lies on here back while her partner is on top.  The penetration angle means the sperm find themselves in front of the uterus which is the ultimate goal.


We still stay in the realm of classic positions.  However this is one of the most effective positions for falling pregnant.  During penetration and at the moment of ejaculation, the sperm are deposited directly at the neck of the cervix.  That way you are more likely to fall pregnant.
What is more this position was voted the favourite position for the romantic French in 2017!

3. Indra position

This position brings together many elements that favour fertilisation.  The lady lies on her back with her knees facing her chest while her partner is on his knees facing her.  The penetration is deep and especially orientated toward the uterus.  Gravity also does a good portion of the work.  However this is not all!

The Indra position also encourages a female orgasm.  Thanks to the lady’s orgasms and spasms the male’s sperm more easily direct themselves to the neck of the cervix.

4. Spooning position

There are two important factors to encourage fertilization.  This includes the angle of penetration and the maximum penetration.  These two factors mean that more sperm can enter into the vagina.  During the spooning position these two factors come together, which is why it is a good position for conceiving a child.  What’s more this is not a difficult position to carry out and you can easily get pleasure from it!

Final words

Don’t forget that sex is an intimate moment to be shared with your partner as you come together.  When you want to have a child, sex can become a little mechanical and the pleasure can escape us.  However this should not be the case!  If you are wanting a child have fun while in the bedroom with your partner!


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