Sex: 8 things to do to make your relationship last

Sex: 8 things to do to make your relationship last
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A fulfilled sex life is one of the essential characteristics of couples that last. However, in a relationship, minor tiffs and the humdrum of daily life can start to threaten their stability. Here are 8 sex habits known to help keep a couple together! 

1) Feel sexy and believe it!

According to sex therapists, one of the bases of happy couples is to assume that your partner is still attracted to you. Get rid of your body complexes, have confidence in yourself and your powers of seduction. You will see that this behaviour will have a positive impact on your sex drive!

2) You make sure to make the effort in small ways

Holding hands when you walk, cuddling, giving massages, saying “I love you”, sending flirty texts, bringing each other for romantic walks or out to restaurants, making a cake for your other half, etc. As long as it works both ways, these little gestures will make you happy and make sure you always want to spend time together and make love. 

3) You know how to stay positive

Even when you are faced with problems, alone or together, even when you are fighting, you stay positive. You don’t throw in the towel at the slightest sign of trouble: it is rather patience and a positive attitude that characterises your relationship.

You know how to tell your other half that they are handsome or beautiful and that you are still as attracted to them as when you first met. But you are honest with each other, and you can gently explain when there are things that are annoying you.

4) You put aside time for sex

With the obligations of everyday life, many couples can tend to forget about or not take the time for sex. But not you! You still put aside time for intimacy, if not even planning for it together. Discuss the matter with your partner to determine the ideal number of times you would ideally like to have sex per week, and make flirty dates for yourselves to meet your goal! Make a game of it!

5) You fantasise

Whether you talk about your fantasies or keep them secret, you both have fantasies and you find it normal to let your imagination go. Fantasies are especially beneficial to couples because they allow them to explore the hidden aspects of their sexuality, and thus to feel more sexually fulfilled with their partners. 

6) You have your own way of making love

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You are not one of the couples who put themselves needlessly under pressure to make their sexual relations look like something from a porn film. You have your own way of making love, your own rhythm, your own favourite positions, etc. In short, you can be yourself and you know how to express yourself sexually, and that is what makes you special in the eyes of your partner.

7) You stay open minded

You listen to your partner and to his or her needs. When he or she wants to make love to you, you don’t refuse outright, but stay open to the idea, perhaps suggesting you could do it later, or in the evening, like making a saucy date. In this way, your other half doesn’t feel rejected and will continue to show their affection and desire. Obviously, if you really just are not in the mood, don’t force it, it happens!

8) You continue to make the effort

Even when you are tired, you enjoy making love to your partner because he or she knows how to pleasure you every time. You know each other by heart and you know what to do to make the other person orgasm. You almost always both ‘cross the finish line’ and rarely miss out on an opportunity to do so. In short, you are a couple set to last!