Sex: 8 thing you’d like to know about sex

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Sex: 8 thing you’d like to know about sex
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Nothing prepares us for sex. Sex education classes at school or even what you read in books or watch on the TV don’t tell us what things are really like under the covers.  It is embarrassing to talk to your parents or your friends about it who often try and hide their awkward smiles.  However if you want to know about sex before you try for the first time here are 8 things you should know. 

Remember you should never feel pressured into having sex so don’t do it unless you feel ready.  Always make sure you have protected sex with a new partner to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

1. Sex is not like in porn films

We can say it enough, but sex is never like it is in porn films or in television series or films in general.  Our embarrassment about our sexual performance, size or shape almost always come from the media’s glorified image of sex and what it “should” be like.  However young people (an not so young) should be told not to worry as everyone has sex in there on way and there is not the perfect way to have sex.  What you see in films, series, books or porn films does not reflect reality  but simply as fantasy of reality.

2. Pleasure is not the same every time

The pleasure you felt the last time you where under the covers won’t necessarily be the same the next time which can be frustrating. Frustration can often happen when our expectations are different from reality.  However so that you don’t feel frustrated you should not have any expectations.  Instead be completely free and in feel connected and in the moment that you are sharing with your partner.

3. You need to lubricate

Lubricating is an important stage in the having sex and when masturbating.  This is the same for both men and for women.  You need to be aware that the mucus membrane and skin of the penis are sensitive areas as well as being erogenous.  Without any lubrication, cuts and injuries are more likely which can be sore, burn or itchy.

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4. Sex is noisy

Here is something that no one ever tells you.  Sex in not silent.  What with the rattling, heavy breathing and the suction sounds of skin on skin you need to be prepared that you will make a noise.

5. You can get cramps from oral sex

Yes oral sex can give you cramps. Blowjob or other oral practices stimulate muscles that you are not used to being used in this way. So, do not be ashamed and make sure that you take breaks!

6. Sometimes it doesn’t work

Not everything works as we would like it to.  Sometimes little things can get in the way and put you legs into the air. Remember gentlemen that often you can’t have an erection because you are afraid of not having n erection. Whereas a early ejaculation is most likely caused by excessive anticipation for sexual pleasure.  Again you should have any expectation and instead just let yourself go in the moment with your partner.

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7. The first time isn’t the best

Films often promise that everything will be amazing the first time you have sex.  They suggest you will notice a radical change in how you behaviour, react and think.  This is not the case for everyone.  Some people will see no difference between before and after.  What’s more you be aware that the first time is not the best experience of your life. You don’t know what you are doing, what you like and often neither does your partner.

8. Necessary trip to the toilet after

Again no one ever talks to you about this step.  All you want to do is to stay in bed but you need to go to he toilet.  This is an almost necessary step as you often need to go to the toilet and you shouldn’t hold in your urine. Also when you have sex small bacteria and microbes can get inside the uterus.  If these bacteria get to the bladder then you could have a urinary infection.  Try and overcome your desire to stay in bed and take a trip to the toilet.


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