Sebaceous cysts: 10 best tips and remedies to get rid of them

Sebaceous cysts
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Sebaceous cysts: 10 best tips and remedies to get rid of them
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Sebaceous cysts are not dangerous to your health, but to tell the truth, we could do without them! Apart from the aesthetic problem, giving the appearance of an abscess under the skin, these cysts can quickly become uncomfortable. They can sometimes disappear on their own, but sometimes surgery or medication are necessary (especially for an infected cyst), and the most courageous among us decide to lance them themselves (being stringent about hygiene, of course). In any case, a few good habits may help you target them, for example, by having a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise and rest. A healthy body is one that can protect itself with its own immune system. 

These tips will help you to ease any possible pain, or to rid yourself of sebaceous cysts in a pain-free manner. Followed carefully, these tips could also help you reduce your risk of developing this type of cyst.

1) Perfect bodily hygiene

Keep your body good and clean, especially around the back, neck and behind the ears, as these are the areas of choice for cysts to appear. Use non-oily products, and if the cyst is already there, go for one with an antibacterial effect.

2) Take out your hot water bottle

A little heat on the affected area can help reduce inflammation linked to the cyst. It will heal faster thanks to increased blood flow to the area. A heat compress with a towel should do the trick. However, don’t leave it on for  more than 30 minutes.

3) Tea tree oil, a classic!

As well as creating a welcome heat sensation, tea tree oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Rubbed twice a day to the affected area, this essential oil will make a big difference to the appearance of your cyst…

4) Soothing aloe vera

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This works magic in the case of inflammation or pain. To obtain real relief, put it on the cyst before applying heat.

5) Castor oil

This is an antibacterial which is useful for itching or inflammation. You can apply it directly to the zone affected. Otherwise, place a cloth soaked in castor oil on the cyst and put a heat compress on top of it. Leave on for a maximum of 30 minutes.

6) Witch hazel extract

This is ideal for prevention. It takes care of your pores and combats over-production of sebum from the glands. Apply 1-2 drops of witch hazel extract to the cyst twice a day, and gently massage it in to ensure it penetrates the skin.

7) Apple cider vinegar

It’s described as an antibacterial, an anti-fungal, an antiseptic and quite simply fantastic! Therefore, it’s perfect for cleaning a cyst. Three times a day, wipe the area with a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar. If it burns or irritates your sensitive skin, you can dilute it with water.

8) Burdock

Known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, this is an excellent remedy for a variety of skin problems. You can drink a tea made with freshly chopped Burdock roots all throughout the day (without overdoing it, because it is a diuretic). You can also soak a cotton ball or a cloth in the tea and apply it directly to the skin.

9) Red clover

Red clover combats the accumulation of toxins that cause cysts and tumours. It is not recommended for people who are taking anticoagulants or for pregnant women. We would advise you to take it as a tea, having dried out the red clover petals over a period of approximately 3 days. You can also replace the tea with a tincture (2 to 6 mls, three times a day).

10) Avoid junk food

Processed food, refined sugars and junk food are again under the microscope. They make the skin oily and have a damaging effect on the pores and hair follicles, which become blocked…. in short, everything that cysts adore!