Screens: Great alternative activity ideas for children

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Screens: Great alternative activity ideas for children
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Children are spending an increasing amount of time in front of screens which can be found all over our households.  However according to an American study published in the scientific journal“American Journal of Therapy”, children’s mental and physical capacities decrease the more time they spend in front of a computer screen.  Let’s have a look at some great alternative activity ideas to keep your children busy!  

1) Physical exercise

Premature or over use of screens can have long-term consequences on the health of both children and adults, such as concentration difficulties, sleeping problems, sight issues and even cardiovascular problems linked to a lack of physical activity.

If a child is accustomed to playing a computer game or watch cartoons after coming home from school, we can perhaps entice them to do a sport of their choosing instead. There are so many to choose from including swimming, dance, cycling, walking, gymnastic, basketball to name just a few.  A simple game outside in the garden with their friends can also allow your children to use up some of their excess energy like 123 in, sardines or dodge ball!

Often local communities offer after school clubs for varying sporting activities that your child could join.   Pop down to your local community centre to find out more.

2) Get into drama

Have you already try playing with puppets or acting out part of story that your child likes?  You could also challenge them to imitate characters, people or famous celebrities.  Theatrical activities allow children to develop important social skills as well as work on their body expression.

3) Showcase their artistic flare

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There are so many artistic activities that your children can enjoy doing at home whether it is drawing, making objects with play-dough, clay or FIMO, painting or even pottery.  These are great alternatives to using a tablet, smartphone or games console.  Of course they need to be looked after more than if they are sat in front of a TV screen.

4) Learn to be a real cook

You can easily show your children how to make a soup, chicken dish or their favourite cake.  Get your children into cooking or baking at a young age and they will be more capable in later life.  This is particularly handy when they become students and need to cook for themselves.  They will definitely thank you later on for giving the basics.

5) Discover the wilderness and cultural activities

There are lots of interesting activities that you can do around your home whether it is a visit to the museum, going for a walk, attending a concert, watching street theatre or going to festivals.  What is more they are great for young and old alike!

Your child might like to learn a musical instrument which is a great way for them to make friends, learn to work as a group and see learn the importance or practice makes perfect.  However children should never feel pressure to learn an instrument and it should be their choice only.

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