Sage: an ancient natural remedy for many complaints

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Sage: an ancient natural remedy for many complaints
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Sage is a plant with a great history in the medical field, but also on a more spiritual level. Everyone knew the virtues of sage, from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, China, and the British Kings, as the plant is capable of curing many complaints. Let’s take a look at the history of this plant, and see some remedies that may be useful.

Sage is a plant with a rich history

Is it a remedy against the plague?

In the middle of the sixteenth century, the plague hit Marseille hard. At the time, to protect yourself from such an illness was more mysticism than medicine. However, a remedy was established known as The Vinegar of the Four Thieves. This ancient Franciscan remedy was composed of medicinal plants including sage – stolen by four thieves in order to protect themselves from the disease and then steal money from plague victims. Today we know this remedy does not protect against the plague, but that it does have powerful purifying virtues.

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An ancient medicinal help

For a long time people have attributed many benefits to this plant, so much so that if you had sage in your garden it meant that you did not need to go to the doctors.
Kings used it to guarantee longevity. The Egyptians understood it’s hormonal properties, and in Greece, sage treated feminine problems.
Myths, traditions and rituals surround this historic plant.  Druids used gold pruning knifes to harvest it while Romans dressed in a specific attire. Even today, it is easy to attribute purifying properties to sage. Mexican shamans used it’s hallucinogenic form (Salvia divinorum) in divination rituals.

Sage used for female problems

For centuries, sage has been known as a woman’s plant. This is because sage can be used as a natural remedy for many female related problems.
Rich in estrogenic molecules (in other words, close to or composed of the female hormone) sage is a good remedy for the transition into menopause. It also helps to prepare women when giving birth, but only in reasonable quantities. It is not recommended to women after giving birth or to women who are breastfeeding.

Many natural properties

Sage is a very useful plant and having it in your garden is sensible. However, this easy to grow perennial has 700 varieties and not all are cultivated for their medicinal value. However sage is a pretty plant that has useful and therapeutic properties.
The many varieties of sage can create colorful spaces in your garden. You can also use this plant to flavour dishes as it gives food a tasty aroma and helps with digestion.
Salvia officinalis is also said to help your memory. Indeed, studies have shown the positive impact of sage on short-term memory, but also on stress and anxiety.
So, when are use going to start planting sage in your garden?

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Here are 7 natural remedies you can make yourself

1) For a cold

Infuse three leaves in milk with honey to help fight a cold.

2) Digestive difficulties

For problems with your digestion you can regularly drink sage herbal tea infusions.

3) Sore throat

Gargle sage infusions to have immediate effects.

4) For sweating

Put a few fresh or dried leaves into your shoes.  This will help combat excessive sweating.

5) Relieving oily skin

Infuse a good handful of sage leave in 250 ml of water for 15 and use this lotion to cleanse your face.

6)  Salvia officinalis bath

Take 250 grams of sage leaves or stems and immerse them in two liters of boiling water.  Boil the mixture on the hob until bubbling and then remove from the heat and cover well. Let the mixture infuse for 15 minutes. Filter and pour into your bath.
This remedy is useful for:
  • Toning your skin
  • Relieve rheumatism;
  • Have an aphrodisiac effect;
  • Urgently treating urinary tract infections.

7) Disinfect and purify a room

Burn some dry sage leaves (preferably white) in the rooms you would like to be cleaned and disinfected.


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