Restless leg syndrome: symptoms and natural treatments

Restless leg syndrome: symptoms and natural treatments
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Restless leg syndrome manifests as an irrepressible urge to move your feet or legs, generally when you are about to go to sleep or are resting, either sitting or lying down.

Symptoms of restless leg syndrome

10% of the population are affected to various degrees by this chronic neurological illness, which is linked to a dopaminergic dysfunction. These are the symptoms:

  • the patient moves their legs to relieve the symptoms
  • they sometimes need to get up and walk around
  • they feel tingling, pins and needles, itching, burning or even pain when they don’t move their legs
  • involuntary leg movements during the night
  • poor sleep: the patient finds it difficult to fall alseep, and is sometimes awoken several times in the night needing to move their legs, which can cause sleep problems for the person and their partner
  • fatigue and drowsiness during the day
  • concentration difficulties
  • poor mood (irritability and even depression)

From night time irritations, to pain, to debilitating sleep problems, restless leg syndrome can affect a person’s quality of life.

What natural remedies are available?

In terms of homeopathy, ZINCUM METALLICUM may be prescribed by a homeopath. Take a diluted solution, 7 to 9H, morning and evening for three months.


Even a mild iron deficiency can cause restless leg syndrome. It is best to consult a doctor who should recommend a blood test, in order to ensure that you are not deficient in iron. That failing, you should ensure your diet is rich in iron, for example by regularly consuming dried vegetables (lentils, wheat germ, etc.) and also vegetable or animal proteins such as found in beef, black pudding or red beans.


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