Remarks you should never say to a pregnant lady…

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Remarks you should never say to a pregnant lady…
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When you meet a pregnant woman we can all be guilty of spouting out some blinder comments that were perhaps misjudged in the situation.  There are some comments that are best left unsaid otherwise you risk hurting the lady’s feelings or just getting her annoyed.  Here’s a list of the most common remarks that are best to avoid! 

“Are you pregnant?”


It is never a good idea to ask a woman if she is pregnant?
As well as the problem of privacy, what would you do if she answered back.. “Eh, No.” There would be an awkward silence as you try and dig yourself out of a massive hole. If they are a friend of yours well they won’t be anymore. If it’s someone you don’t know, you’ll feel really really guilty and hope you don’t bump into them anytime soon.
As a general rue, it is better to, NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant!  She should be the one to initiate the topic if she wants!

“You’ve got big”


This is a phrase that we can often hear but can be surprising.  Does it really need to be pointed out how much bigger she has got lately…  She will be already aware so there is no need to make a deal about it
Another common remark that is similar to this: “Oh how big you are getting, but you’re so beautiful like that!” Eh, thanks at least that’s something!   Best to avoid this phrase altogether unless you want to hurt someones feelings.  The pregnant lady will just think she looks fat!

“You have such a good complexion!”


Thanks for telling me I have a good complexion but I’ve really felt better… Pretty sure my complexion would be more on form without the bouts of nausea, uncontrollable urges for food, extreme aches, sleepless nights, spots and the feeling of carrying a rucksack full of stones on my front!  Nevertheless thanks for throwing me a bone…

“Can I touch?”


This must be the best… Everyone know that she will say “Yes on you go” but inside her head she is really saying “NO! If you touch my stomach I will slap you!”
Of course all expectant mothers don’t respond in this fashion as it would not be socially acceptable.  But in any other circumstance is it really acceptable to say “Can I touch your stomach!”

“Giving birth is horrible”


Of course this is exactly what not to say to an expectant mother that is already stressed!
Telling the truth is not always the best thing to do.  There really are some things that are best kept to yourself.  The fact she already feels like an elephant won’t help matters as she’s already aware that giving birth is not going to be easy.

“Don’t worry you’re almost there, you just have to be patient.”


Okay but if you were in the expectant mother’s position you’d really prefer to be told the opposite.  You’d prefer to be told that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable any longer that you’ll no longer have people asking to touch your bump…. when will it be over!?

“I would love to be pregnant ! What? Not you?”


This type of comment can be made in good faith, just as a simple anecdote or expressing your opinion. However the problem is not everyone loves the pregnancy stage and thinks it is a extraordinary moment. Best not to say it in case the person who is pregnant would rather not be expecting a child or is having the worst 9 months of their life…

“You’ll find out that when the baby is born your social life will be finished”


This is the biggest stab in the back. Pregnant women know what is in store but they perhaps don’t want be told so directly that their social life will be over.  Instead it is better to focus on all the other magical moments they will have with their child that will be entirely new!


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