Reduced sex drive? Why you should manage your stress

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Often blamed for reducing life expectancy, stress can have other serious effects on your health. For example it can upset your digestive system or it can led to depression.  However stress can also effect your sex drive.  Read on to find out why.  

Sexuality : 40% of stressed men are impacted

Following a study in May 2001 commissioned by the Pfizer lab which commercializes Viagra, 4 out of 10 men admitted they suffered from stress and that this stress had a negative impact on their sex drive. The study, led by Louis Harris, discovered that 86% of stressed men found the frequency of sexual intercourse or their sexual desire decreased. In around a third of cases, or 29%, stress was also likely to cause erection problems.

The men-focused study established that men between the age of 35 to 49, who were often dads, in charge of important projects at work or very active in academia fitted the profile of the most stressed type of men.  Listed in order of importance, the main causes of stress were problems at work, health and money.

Stress: frequent reason for female consultation

Sexologists believe that women between the age of 30 and 50 are the most likely to suffer from stress and that it negatively impacts their sexual desire. However no study has yet provided statistics on this subject.

Nevertheless it is clear that women in this age bracket often have a lot of daily responsibilities which can add to their stress. Women with families, juggle looking after their children while also thinking about the grocery shop, washing, cleaning, collecting children from school, helping with school work often on top of working a full time job. Although many couples share these daily tasks, they can still be unfairly shared between parents.

Exhausted by the end of the day, women who fit this description have very little time to give to themselves or to their partner and have very little energy.  Stress and tiredness are the most common reasons women give to their doctor, sexologist or psychologist for their reduced sex drive.

Be mindful of your energy levels and find ways to manage your stress. It is important to relax as stress and extreme tiredness can also led to symptoms of depression.

Share your daily chores with your partner so that you can have more time for yourself. For example you could sign up for a dance, yoga or singing class for the year! Take a weekend break away with your partner without the kids and don’t feel guilty about it.  The more relaxed we are, the more open we are to sexual desire! 

Be careful of certain medicines

Some medicines, especially anti-depressants or even the contraceptive pile which contain chemical substances can have a negative effect on your sex drive.  They can reduce your sexual desire and the lubrication capacities of women.

In the case of depression, ask your doctor for advice to help you find natural solutions which could also have a positive effect on your sex desire.

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