Raynaud’s syndrome: Best natural remedy

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Raynaud’s syndrome: Best natural remedy
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Raynaud’s syndrome is a problem with blood circulation.  It can cause blood circulation to temporarily stop around your fingers and extremities like your ears, nose or cheeks.  Your fingers and toes can turn white or blue and swollen for a while.  When it is cold our body tightens it’s blood vessels so as to retain heat in the body.  However in the case of Raynaud’s syndrome this function is excessive.  Here is a simple homemade remedy that you can make using essential oils and vegetable oils.

Homemade natural remedy


  • Calophyll vegetable oil, argan vegetable oil or calendula oily macerate;
  • Ginger essential oil;
  • Cypress essential oil (evergreen Cypress, distilled from twigs);
  • Basil essential oil.

How to prepare:

Pour 40 drops of each of the essential oils into 30 ml of the Calophyll vegetable oil (or Argan oil or Calendula oily macerate).  Mix the ingredients together well and then use two drops of the mixture on your hands and feet (depending on your requirement) three times per day.  Shake the mixture well before using so that each element is thoroughly mixed.


This mixture should not be used by children under 7 years old, by pregnant or breastfeeding women or those who suffer from epilepsy.

What’s more you should use Cypress essential oil with caution.  This oil is not recommended for people suffering from phlebitis, cancerous or hormone-dependent pathologies (where hormones play a role in the proliferation or production of the disease).

You should always ask the advice of a health specialist so you don’t risk any negative side effects.

What is special about these ingredients?

Calophyll vegetable oil, argan vegetable oil or calendula oily  macerate

Vegetable oils are produced from the fruit, seed or stone of a plant.  The cold pressed oil retains all the plants natural benefits.  An oily macerate is a plant infusion inside a vegetable oil.  You can get the most out of the plant’s benefits as well as the active ingredients extracted by the maceration.

Calophyll vegetable oil, argan vegetable oil and calendula oily macerate are all anti-inflammatory.  Due to this property, these oils make a great complement to the different essential oils used in this remedy.

Ginger essential oil


Ginger and it’s essential oil has great benefits for blood circulation.  It is made up of alpha-pinenes which are molecules with antiseptic properties. In the mixture, this ingredient will give color back to your frozen limbs.

Cypress essential oil

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Cypress essential oil is know for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  Using this oil helps to stimulate blood circulation.  This is why it is a fantastic ally against blood circulation difficulties.

However you should be careful of the composition and the origin of the cypress essential oil extraction.  You should always choose green cypress which is extracted from it’s branches.  The other cypress oils are not as powerful and have more extreme side effect if not used correctly.

Basil essential oil

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Basil essential oil contains antispasmodic molecules (methylchavicol) which reduces the involuntary contraction of muscles.  By using this essential oil, it can help the vasodilatation of blood vessels in your muscles.

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