Q&A: Dreaming you are pregnant: What does it mean?

Q&A: Dreaming you are pregnant: What does it mean?
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Dreaming of being pregnant often happens to women, but can also happen to men. Most of the time, the dream doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to have a child, but rather represents a need to ‘give birth’ to something. Depending on the details you remember, find out about the different possible interpretations of your pregnancy dream.

How to interpret dreaming about being pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams are often pleasant, enjoyable dreams. Generally, the dreamer contemplates their round stomach in the mirror, alone or with someone else, and shows their satisfaction. There are many variations on this dream, which influence the interpretation.

A few variations on the pregnancy dream:

  • dreaming of a baby
  • dreaming of a birth
  • dreaming about breasts
  • dreaming about the number 9
  • dreaming that you or someone else is pregnant

Diverse interpretations

If you dream that you are pregnant, this could be a symbol of creativity, of puberty or of richness.

The dream could for example signal the beginning of a new project or goal.

When a young woman dreams that she is pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is hoping to have a child, but just that she has taken a new step in her thinking or in her life.

When it’s a man who dreams of pregnancy, it could mean that he has found himself in a position where his masculinity and virility are being questioned or are under threat.

If you dream that you are pregnant and have a miscarriage, this could symbolise a project into which you had injected lots of energy, but that isn’t working. If you are pregnant at the time of having the dream, it could mean that you have fears about the pregnancy, and are concerned that the labour should go well.

When a woman dreams that she is pregnant, it could mean that she feels threatened by adversity.

However, if it is a woman who hasn’t planned to get pregnant, such a dream could be be predictive of a bad relationship.

If you dream that another person is pregnant, this shows that you are close to this person, and that the connections between you are getting stronger.

Finally, if you dream of your partner carrying someone else’s baby, this could indicate that they are heading in a different direction than you had expected at the start. Common goals are no longer shared by both parties in the relationship.

But on the whole, dreaming about pregnancy symbolises the continuation of life and the possibilities it holds.