Public toilet hygiene: why you should never line the toilet seat with toilet paper

Public toilet hygiene: why you should never line the toilet seat with toilet paper
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We’re not going to lie about it: public toilets are not exactly a dream location…. There are inconsiderate people who don’t take care of the areas and for whom all the hygiene rules they follow at home seem to go out the window… So when nature calls and the only alternative is the public toilets, we immediately start imagining the germs, the odours, the sanitary towels that haven’t quite made it into the bin, and the other ignominies encountered in these less than spotless areas. 

Our only weapon for survival (and hygiene)? Act quickly and place a ream of toilet paper around the toilet seat, to ensure our skin never touches the plastic that has surely met hundreds of different backsides, and which we are sure is full to the brim of microbes and infections. Big mistake!!!

In fact, toilet seats are very well designed: it is difficult for bacteria to multiply on its slippy surface and on its intelligently designed shape. And contrary to what you may think, it is actually the toilet paper that you need to worry about! In fact, when the toilet is flushed, people hardly ever put the lid down, and this is the exact moment when microbes are dispersed and attach themselves to the toilet paper. The toilet paper can thus become infested by germs which multiply and find themselves on your hands when you touch the paper and use it on your intimate parts.

Afterwards, you wash your hands, infecting the taps, which you touch afterwards to turn off, and you head to the automatic hand dryer. Thanks to a recent study, we now know that these hand dryers disperse air full of microbes all over the washroom and all over your hands.

It is therefore a better idea to use your own tissues in the toilet and to dry your hands with a paper towel. Something tells us we may have to keep working on our squats, to avoid ever touching the toilet seat….

In the meantime, here is a small tutorial on how to effectively wash your hands.

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