Prevent tartar with these 6 foods

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Prevent tartar with these 6 foods
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You know it only too well, tartar is not something we want in our mouths, as it destroys our teeth. If dental plaque has built up, calcified and hardened, leading to regular visits to the dentist, be aware of the foods that should be avoided at all costs, so as not to contribute to the problem, which can get worse over time. 

 1) Bananas

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In general, it is not recommended to eat sticky fruits such as bananas. The reason is simple: they stick to your teeth and can stagnate. This is best avoided because of the natural sugars contained in bananas and other sticky fruits.

2) Dried fruit

Whether it’s raisins, dried apricots or even prunes, their sticky consistency also promotes the build up and stagnation of food in the teeth. And if food remains stuck in the teeth, it provides an ideal environment in which dental plaque can thrive. Their high natural sugar content isn’t welcome either!

 3) Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are often the softest part of the bread and may comprise of under-cooked bread, which is no friend of our teeth. By comparison, toasted bread is much less likely to stick. As well as sticking and becoming encrusted in the teeth, bread is high in carbohydrates, which release acids. These acids attract and feed the bacteria which form dental plaque. It is therefore because of bacteria and because of its softness that it is recommended that you limit your intake of this food.

4) Crisps

Much loved with your aperatif and for Friday nights in front of the telly, the presence of cooked starch in crisps creates a carbohydrate nest for bacteria, much like bread. The carbohydrates cause the acids which cause bacteria, which cause plaque which leads to dental erosion. Brush your teeth well after having eaten crisps and if that is not immediately possible, try to drink water to wash your mouth a little in the meantime.

5) Sugary drinks and soda

The media often preach the dangers of fizzy drinks for your body, but sometimes forget the harmful effects of sugary drinks on your teeth. Sugar is the preferred food of bacteria, and once it is fermented, it releases acids that can weaken your teeth. When you drink fizzy drinks, don’t forget to use a straw in your glass, to protect your teeth.

6) Sweets

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Sweets are a complete nightmare for your teeth. As well as sticking to and permeating your teeth, they obviously contain sugar and attract the bacteria responsible for dental plaque. It is better to eat your packet of sweets in one go, than spreading them out throughout the day, so your teeth are not exposed to sugar all day long.