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Pregnant women should avoid these foods

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Pregnant women should avoid these foods
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During pregnancy it is recommended that you stay clear of some foods and products as a precaution.  Of course alcohol and tobacco are not allowed as they are harmful to the fetus.  It terms of food, raw foods are not advised as they can risk developing listeriosis and toxoplasmosis.  Here is a short list of foods pregnant women should avoid as well as a few pieces of helpful advice. 

List of food that are not recommended for pregnant women

  • Raw and smoked fish,
  • Raw or cooked meat or sausages, including pâtés and rillettes,
  • Soft cheeses or raw milk, shredded cheeses in sachets,
  • Raw or undercooked shellfish, surimi and tarama, cooked shelled shellfish cooked,
  • Animal livers (too rich in vitamin A),
  • Soy and soy products, because the phytoestrogens they contain are substances that can interfere with the hormonal system of the mother and baby,
  • Products too rich in phytosterols (margarine, yogurts, milk drinks, etc.),
  • Wild fish (monkfish, wolf / eel bar, emperor, halibut, pike, dorado, ray, tuna, swordfish, marlin, shark …),
  • Too much tea or coffee, because they reduce iron absorption from food (less than 600 mg per day for coffee),
  • Some herbal teas such as Chinese ginseng (or Panax) or chamomile

Diet when pregnant: advice to follow

It is recommended that you cook all your meat well and any egg based dishes. Carefully rinse your vegetables, fruit and aromatic herbs in clean water so that you can avoid toxoplasmosis as a result of a parasite found in the ground.

Only eat fish twice per week.  Remember that fatty fish can sometimes be contaminated with chemical substances like mercury which the fetus is very sensitive to.  A fatty fish should only be one of the maximum two fish you eat per week.


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