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Pregnancy: The importance of choosing a baby name

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Pregnancy: The importance of choosing a baby name
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Choosing a name for your child is never going to be easy.  You know that this name will stay with them for life.  It will be the symbol of who they are, what they do and sometimes even social status.  But why is a baby name so important? What is the name’s importance to the child’s development?  This is the subject we are going to look at today in this article. 

Name: what your child will hear the most

Over the first years of their life, your child will hear their name the most often.  Your child will understand and interpret who they are by the name that you give them.  When we name something it signifies that this “something” exists. Therefore you need to remember your child will define themselves with their name.

Your child will construct their life and personality around their name.  Some child development psychic specialists believe that the person’s name will determine in a significant way their personality.  In this sense the way in which we pronounce a name could really determine their affinities, tastes and fears.

What is more, a name might often have even more significance if it is given to you by a specific person, at a precise moment or for specific reasons.  Often a name that we give a child is well thought through.  Parents can often think about a name and then re-think about a name throughout the entire pregnancy.  “If it is a girl we will call her this” or “If it is a boy we will call him that”.  In short, we don’t tend to name our child at random.

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By accident or not: We have a name

Name heritage

Names often have a signification in a family.  However you should try and avoid giving your child a relative’s name.  Lots of psycho-genealogy specialists believe that children given the name of a family relative can interpret their existence as “simply being a replacement”.

A child’s mind is very subject to this kind of self-reproach. Indeed, during development a child often imagines that they do not necessarily have a place in the family, having been adopted or having been found, etc.
However, you can obviously give any name to your child. As long as you like the name, and that it was chosen according to the tastes of both parents.

Parental expectations

A name as we mentioned earlier is very often a social marker.  In this sense it is clear that first names are often attached to a social culture. You will not necessarily choose the same type, or kind, of first name for your child if you live in the centre of London or in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

However names that parents give their children are often symbols of parental expectations.  The choice is often made subconsciously in relation with the expectation that they have for their child whether it is a profession or type of life.  However this is not a concrete rule and sometimes a name is simply chosen as they like the name rather than any expectations on their part.

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Choosing a name:

Getting the balance between originality and classical names

In the maternity wards, health professionals often meet different styles of parents who also have different styles of names choices.  You will find families that like to choose classic names for their children such as: 

  • Jack;
  • Amy ;
  • Tom ;
  • Julia ;
  • John ;
  • Alice, etc.

However you could also choose more of a posh or original name for your baby such as:

  • Clementine;
  • Darius ;
  • Edwin ;
  • Tallulah;
  • Theodore ;
  • Clara ;
  • Spencer ;
  • India ;
  • Piers, etc.

Some of these names are also old-fashioned but slightly more original.

However you can still find names that are a bit more original that still have classical heritage like Adelaide, Silas, Benjamin, Samuel, Nora, Maeve, Sophia, Eloise.

The choice of a name is clearly a bit of a conundrum for parents as it is a choice that will stay with your child for life. One day, your child will end up asking you why you chose their name. If you chose the name just because you liked it, you can tell them early on. However, if the name has been chosen in homage to a relative, it is better to wait. Instead tell your child there is a great story behind their name that you will tell them sometime.  Once they are older, you can then explain that they are named after a family member and they will more likely to be proud.


Last words

Deciding to have a child is often something that has been well thought through by couples (although not all the time).  However the choice of your child’s name should also be well thought through.

As we have seen this choice can depend on many factors.  Sometimes you might just like the name other times it is in homage to someone in your family or perhaps you want your child to have an original flare to their name.  Your social situation can also encourage you to subconsciously choose names that fit your setting or your expectations for your child’s future.

However you decide to name your child you should always remember that they will keep this name for the rest of their life and they will define themselves by this name.  So with that try and choose a name that are proud of!


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