Pregnancy: Protect you and your baby from the cold

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During the winter months your body is put to the test.  Between the falling temperatures and low moral, your body can get run down while it tries to stay on form.  However when you are pregnant this becomes even more difficult to do.  During pregnancy the woman’s body goes through extreme changes. So as to avoid any risks here are some pieces of advice to protect yourself from the cold weather during pregnancy.

Rest: Number one advice

You might have already noticed but during winter your heart beats faster than usual.  In fact your heart pumps a lot more blood around the body to increase the body’s blood pressure so as to fight against the cold.  However high blood pressure is something you should not ignore, even more so when you are pregnant. In fact it is just are dangerous and worrying for you and for your child.

When it is cold you shouldn’t be afraid to rest. By resting up you can slow down the effects of high blood pressure and any possible aggravations.

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Take care of yourself naturally

As you might have gathered already, we like to use all natural products.  However you need to remember that essential oils should be used with caution when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  You should only even use essential oils on your skin and only have 3% of the final product made up of essential oils.

It is better if you use hydrolats or floral waters.  Although these two products are made using essential oils, they are less harmful for pregnant or breastfeeding women so long as they are used on the skin only.  You can also spray a mist of peppermint hydrolat onto your legs if they are feeling heavy.

Cover yourself up well

Of course during the winter months it is cold!  Therefore making sure you have enough layers on is important.  However there are some little things that you should know.  When the cold arrives you need to cover yourself up from your head to your toes and don’t forget about the extremities. Always remember your gloves, hat and a pair of thick socks.

However don’t forget that when you are pregnant your body is a lot hotter than usual and it heats up quickly.  So don’t put too many layers on as you will start to feel uncomfortable quickly.

Avoid skimpy clothing which is no longer your size or is a just a little too small.  There could make you uncomfortable and prevent you from fighting the cold.

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Avoid the microbes

In the winter months there are many viruses and microbes floating around.  Be careful not to contaminate yourself.  Do this by avoiding people who as susceptible to becoming ill or you can wear a mask… This might sound extreme but you don’t want to take the risk! Remember to regularly wash your hands so as to avoid any potential microbes.

Keep your immune system healthy

Your body is tested during winter.  You should therefore look after your immune system so that it can stand up to the shock of winter.

Make sure that you hydrate yourself regularly, without waiting for your body to call out for more water.  Also you should forget to hydrate and nourish your skin as it can often become dry in winter.  Shea butter is not only good for moisturising your skin. It can also work like magic on your stretchmarks.

Make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet during the winter.  Give yourself some treats like cheesy pizzas or some hearty macaroni cheese but you should also remember to eat enough vitamins.  Think about eating a good amount of fruit, vegetables and other foods full of vitamins.

Take care when you move about

Getting yourself about during the winter months can be a real obstacle course what with the rain, snow and ice.  When you are pregnant your centre of gravity changes and your joints are put under different forms of pressure.  You shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks that might lead to a fall.  Reduce the need to move about in bad conditions and try and avoid going alone when the weather is really bad.

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